Take a walk

Take a hot bath

Take a nap

Watch reruns of your fav sitcoms

Put on a face mask

Clean up your bedroom or living area

Plan out your week’s to-dos and deadline

Write down three things your are thankful for

Do 30 min of light stretching

Clean out your email

Declutter your clothes

Drink a cup of tea or coffee and relax

Listen to motivational podcast

Bake your fav treat

Brain dump your feelings into a journal


Found this on Pinterest, had to share it. Perfect to start a new week

Any fav things that you do for yourself that you care to share?

x hilrag.


It was my  birthday yesterday hence the weekly outfit inspiration is today! I’m obsessing about loungewear, pjs and everything loose and cosy these days.. unfortunately not design for rainy Iceland but they look nice, right?!

x hilrag.

TATTOO / 38 /

Realised that the last tattoo blog was in February.. No good! 

Hope you like it

x hilrag.