Here are my most used and favourite skincare products.
(beside my fav face masks – see my fav here!)
Body lotion : Elizabeth Arden green tea honey drop body cream
Face cream : Skyn Iceland  & Origins 
Eye creams : Pep-start from Clinique & Enchanted from Lush 
Facial sprays : Origins & Mario Badescu
Facial cleanser : Enzyme Cleansing gel from Mario Badescu
Extra pick me up : Skyn Iceland eye gels
SOS : Origins super spot remover

I’m always super interested in skincare products and routines would love to hear if you feel like there are some out there that I H A V E to try…Pls comment below ♡

x hilrag.

PS. Just to be clear none of these products were given to me and this is not a sponsored post (but how effin’ sweet would that be? Holla at ya girl! LOL) 




I’ve been doing this thing for a some months now (with some pauses tho I will admit) and I really like it. Its a perfect way to unwind after the day and going to bed with a proud and thankful heart. I write in my notebook every night :

Three things I did well that day

Three things I am thankful for 

And it can be anything you can think of (I have seriously written “Had fish for dinner” and “Said how I was feeling towards something” and everything in between) We tend to focus on the things we didn’t manage to do and what went wrong, instead of focusing on the things that went well that day (no matter how small they are)

As for the things we are thankful for, it can be anything you can think of, instead of focusing on what you don’t have rather focusing on what we have to be thankful for.

Hopefully some of you will try this exercise.. It doesn’t have to be in a notebook, but I personally prefer the notebook instead of the phone (also better for your sleep!)

If you like these kind of “personal motivational posts” pls click on ♡ the below

Happy Monday

x hilrag.





Came across this editorial from ELLE Australia June issue shot by Christopher Ferguson.
L o v e the colours in this and the PJ’s vibe mixed with statement jewellery

Happy Sunday

x hilrag.


Fashion Stylist: Rachel Wayman.
Hair Stylist: Michele McQuillan.
Makeup Artist: Victoria Baron
Model: Zoe Barnard.




I must admit, I didn’t realise that it was Monday today.
I finished school on Friday so my mind has been on vacation mode.. Back home in Iceland which is always nice :)

For those who have been following my Monday posts know how I feel about this picture above. Its such a good reminder.  Mental health is just as important as physical health

Hope you had a lovely Monday !

x hilrag.



Third book I read of the year is called Your second life begins when you realize you only have one
I read it in Icelandic tho (info here)

Its a heart warming feel-good book but at the same time makes you reflect on your own life and how you are living it. I loved it

x hilrag.



Eyescream and friends was one of the few things I had pinned down in my Barcelona folder before I moved here
(for those who don’t know I had never been to Barcelona before I moved) and almost two years later I tried it (!)

I would try something else but the strawberry flavour next time (bf had the chocolate it was yummy!) You choose a flavour of shaved ice cream and two kinds of toppings. I mean…  IT HAS EYES ON IT, what not to love?! EYES CREAM.. get it ? ha?!

Would totally recommend – specially if you are travelling with kids ;)

x hilrag.