Þóra Lóa have been asking for a Pirate team party for month’s, her birthday was in May but we promised her a Pirate Party with her friends when we had finished the move and most of the renovation of the new house.

Yesterday we finally had her big Pirate bash and she was over the moon.

Pirate ship cupcake stand you find – Here

Pirate cupcake and cake decor – Here

Delicious macaroons from

Plates, cups, straws and napkins from Petit



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Nails today


Got me some new nail polish and I found the perfect nude with some extra glimmer on top 🎶

The nude polish is named “spin the bottle” & glimmer “set in stones” both from Essie.

New In: IKEA PS lamp


Fell in love with this lamp when it first came out but then we where just about to move so I wanted to wait and see if it would fit in our new home. Then when I visited IKEA last week this beauty was on sale, I needed to get it before they where completely out of IKEAs product line. 

First photo of Bey-Jay twins !


A month ago Beyonce and Jay-Z gave birth to their twins Sir & Rumi Carter, a boy and a girl. 

Twining is Winning 🙌

Now is also Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting twins. (well of course they are)

If they only know the real work of having twins 💤 I worked as a Nanny for a American family and they had newborn twin girl’s, I helped during the day and then they also had a nanny for the night shift.. now I understand why 😅 It is hard work having twins and for me so far there have been little almost no sleep. I can imagine that Bay-Jay is not doing many night shifts and only needs to be there for the ‘easy’ parts. For me part of being a parent is to be present at all times, hard and easy but I would also love some extra hands during the days and to be able to run errands alone from time to time or go to sleep for more than two hours. I would love that night nanny sometimes to if I could afford it 😂

Garden pool 🌊 


We had some amazing summer days in the beginning of the week and in our garden it was almost unbearable hot. Þóra was crying to go to the “sundlaug” but I was alone with the kids and cant take her when I also have the boys so I decided I needed to get a pool for her here at home. I took my little gang and we went to three shops before we found the right size pool, the things I do for her 😅 and that was nothing then I needed to blow up this thing and fill it 💪 we dont have any garden hose yet so I had to run with buckets of water from the bathroom out in the garden, it took me 30min and about 40 rounds of buckets before the water level was enough to play in… Shit this was exhausting! It was probably less work to just take her to the Sundlaug 😄 

It was so worth me been exhausted when I saw how happy she was in her pool and we invited her cousins to join 🏊

I bought the pool in Rumfatalagerinn for 3.990kr. Highly recommend to buy a electronic pump 😘