Nýjasta færsla

Time to Go..

Fashion week – Copenhagen

It is this time of the year again – Fashion Week. I am on the way home from Köpen, been […]

Elvar & Viðar 1 árs !!

Holly mac.. I feel like someone just stole a year from me 🙈 Weren’t they just born?!

Sthlm – Warsaw – Rvk

What a weekend it’s been! 4 flights in 4days, 24hours with all of my best friends, bussines meeting, culture chock […]

Essie color combo

I was in the mood for something different and new. Not only did I play around with color combinations on […]

Navy details

I thought I was so well prepared for a wedding we where invited to between Christmas and New Years. I […]

Santa, I am ready..

Christmas can come now, I’ve managed to finish all just in time 🙌 I wish you and your family an […]

Julkortet 2017

This years Christmas card from us 🎅 Hahaha I can’t tell you how much I laughed when I went over […]

No time for Christmas

This time every year is a crazy rollercoaster and I am just trying to hold on and not fall out. […]

New Petit ✨ Ármuli 23

Three days ago we opened New, Bigger and Better Petit !! It has been a month of hard work and […]