Autumn Feelings


Autumn is my favorite season.

Last week we went to our summer house close to Norðurá.

constantly tired as twin parents ;)

changing diapers between hot springs and waterfalls.





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Þóra Lóa have been asking for a Pirate team party for month’s, her birthday was in May but we promised her a Pirate Party with her friends when we had finished the move and most of the renovation of the new house.

Yesterday we finally had her big Pirate bash and she was over the moon.

Pirate ship cupcake stand you find – Here

Pirate cupcake and cake decor – Here

Delicious macaroons from

Plates, cups, straws and napkins from Petit



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Garden pool 🌊 


We had some amazing summer days in the beginning of the week and in our garden it was almost unbearable hot. Þóra was crying to go to the “sundlaug” but I was alone with the kids and cant take her when I also have the boys so I decided I needed to get a pool for her here at home. I took my little gang and we went to three shops before we found the right size pool, the things I do for her 😅 and that was nothing then I needed to blow up this thing and fill it 💪 we dont have any garden hose yet so I had to run with buckets of water from the bathroom out in the garden, it took me 30min and about 40 rounds of buckets before the water level was enough to play in… Shit this was exhausting! It was probably less work to just take her to the Sundlaug 😄 

It was so worth me been exhausted when I saw how happy she was in her pool and we invited her cousins to join 🏊

I bought the pool in Rumfatalagerinn for 3.990kr. Highly recommend to buy a electronic pump 😘 


LifeNew House

Feel like I am often excusing myself for little updates.. I am so often saying – There is too much going on at the same time.  Well again, there is too much going on at the same time (!) I found myself crying over nothing bc I am just so overwhelmed.. Almost no sleep, two newborns, new house, toddler and a company. This is the recipe for madness!

Soon I will find the light in the end of the tornado and the carrot that keeps me going is the process we make everyday in the new house. 

Here is where we stand now in the renovation..

Upper living room, here we have spray painted the panel ceiling and lighten the floors. We have left to paint the walls.

The house is built in many different floor highs, the upper living room is the highest floor with large windows and a big balcony.

In our apartment we lighten the floors in three layers, here we just decided to keep them natural with extra matte lack.

On the entree floor is the kitchen, entrance, guest bath and guest bedroom.

We took down a wall and opened up into the kitchen, we also took down some of the upper cupboards to open the kitchen up more and use the ceiling height.  We will spray paint the kitchen interior, probably dark brown/gray and put up open shelf’s.

From the first floor there is a full stair case down to the “bedroom floor”, we have taken down the hand railing to have it redone, not yet sure if it will be back or white. We also installed hanging lights.

When you walk down the stairs there was a small bedroom right after the stairs, we decided to opened up and made into a hall way/open office room out in the garden. Here we also put in concrete floor.

The boys room was two small bedrooms that we took down the wall in between. We are keeping the two doors and later when they want their own room we can just put up the wall again. Here we have only painted the walls and have left to put in flooring and paint windows.

I completely fell in love with the green/gray color in their room from Nordsjö/Serefni.

Toras room is also finished painted but we have floor and windows left. Her wall color is in pale pink also from Nordsjö/Serefni.

Then there is our bedroom, all bathrooms, washing room, mud entrance, guest room and lower living room left to start on. I will keep you updated! One palace where I am good to put in all small updates is on my Instagram/insta story, you can follow the renovation there also ;)









Viðar & Elvar is now 10weeks old, they are smiling and finally sleeping longer during the night.

They are so cute in their IDigDemin beanies ?



Nýja Heimilið


Finally after almost a year of active searching for a new home we found the perfect place for us ?

We are currently in Fossvogur and love the neighborhood, we really wanted to find a bigger home within this area but the houses here are rare to find on sale and it took us a long time to get one. The 1st of May we will get the keys to our new home and there is a lot to be done before we can move in, walls, floors and ceilings needs to be painted or renewed. I am all in interior design at the moment and super excited to get my hands on the house.

I promise to share every step in our renovation with you and before/after ?



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Tiny moments


I am enjoying the longer days and being on maternity leave, trying to take in every moment of the time we have now together.

Vasi/Finnsdottir, Skenkur/IKEA, Silfur kertastjakar/, Svatur kertastjaki/Lungby. 

Sófi/IKEA, CocconaBaby Beds/



Life with twins


I haven’t had much time to update you guys on our new arrivals and new life.

Today our boys Elvar & Viðar are 3weeks old and time is just flying by. Getting twins is more wonderful than I could ever imagine, it is amazing to have two little babies to cuddle and love. It really is double the happiness!  So far it hasn’t been hard at all, I am of course super lucky to have Gunnar home full time with me. But I can tell you that I haven’t really slept anything yet and I am sure it will be some more weeks before I feel well rested again. The boys drink every 2,5 to 3rd hour and in between they burp, poop and hopefully sleep some. We have had nights when they are not ‘timed together’ and that can get really tough. One wakes up and when you finally get him down and you start to think about sleep – BAM, next one’s up! This vicious cycle then repeats itself through the night.  We had to learn the hard way that they need to be timed, waking up the sleeping baby is essential when the other is wake. Big sister Þóra Lóa is a dream, I am waiting for her to react to the big change and us always having a baby in our arms but so far she is just loving the situation and loving her little brothers.



​Hello World 


Viðar & Elvar Gunnarsson arrived 30.01.2017 – The birth only took 1,5h from first contraction until they where born 👌 Baby A (Viðar) was born 15:36, 2732g and 47cm. Baby B (Elvar) was born 15:49, 2968g and 47cm. 

Both boys are doing well and are already emptying their mom on milk 🐮