Sthlm – Warsaw – Rvk


What a weekend it’s been!

4 flights in 4days, 24hours with all of my best friends, bussines meeting, culture chock and I managed to completely forget about poop diapers.

On Friday I flew to Sthlm and had a meeting, but that was really not the reason for my weekend in Sthlm I just had spare time and decited to maximize my time while I was in town. The big event is that we are a group of old friend’s that are kidnapping my best friend Bella that is soon to be bride and we decited to completely take her out of town and fly from Sthlm ✈ Warsaw/Poland.

Saturday morning at 7.30 three of us surprised Bella in her home then we took a car to sthlm skavsta airport where the rest of the group where and surprised her again and then we flew to Poland.

In Warsawa/ Poland we had two big apartments and tons of activities planned. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long long time, it is something about being with your best friends where everything is just so freaking funny. Even do some of us haven’t seen each other in years when we meet things are just the same, just as silly and goffy as always. I really miss my friends all the time, honestly sometimes more than I miss my family. Living in Iceland is wonderful but I still haven’t got any deep level friends like my childhood friends. I think it’s harder to get deep connection friendships later in life and maybe bc I just don’t have enough time to spend on getting to know people on a deeper level like I used to. Now I have three kids and a bussines, for me that goes before everything else and it is all extremely time consuming.

Today (Monday) I really feel like I deserve after this weekend ? and now I miss my kids like crazy and my bed.

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  1. Agla

    23. January 2018

    I can really relate to how you’re feeling! I’ve just moved to another country myself, miss my friends terribly and totally agree with what you’re saying about making deep connections later in life – it just doesn’t come as naturally for some reason.