Santa, I am ready..

Christmas can come now, I’ve managed to finish all just in time ? I wish you and your family an […]

Garden room – Before/After

One room by one our house is being completed. The room we call the “garden room” that leads out to […]


Posted about my new ?-buddy on my insta story two days ago and he had so many fans that I decided he […]

Strákaherbergi heimilisins

Finally the boys room is finished ? This room took extra long to finalize bc of the flooring that we […]


It´s time for a new flower post Love, L

Renovation: No more white walls!

I am looking at wall colors for the new house. Our apartment today is extremely Scandinavian with all walls white, […]

Nýja Heimilið

Finally after almost a year of active searching for a new home we found the perfect place for us ? […]

Our Bathroom renovation

Our little bathroom was in great need of a “face lift” so we decided to have it done before the […]

New in: White Couch

I am in nesting mood and finishing our home on step at the time before the twins arrival. We always […]

– Budget VS Luxury –

About a year ago I fell in love with the brand Lyngby and their beautiful porslin. I bought myself a […]