Our Bathroom renovation


Our little bathroom was in great need of a “face lift” so we decided to have it done before the end of January. Our main focus was good practical storage and space for a washing machine, having newborn babies I did not want to be running to the washing room in the basement all the time.

I forgot to take before pictures so you can see the transformation but it was old and just not practical at all. What we have done is to buy new interior as lights, mirror, cabinets, shower/bath pipes, stone top and sink. I am really happy with the outcome and new storage spaces we got in this small bathroom.

We picked dark wood interior and white stone top, the top is extra wide for a bathroom so we could fit the washing machine under and also to have as a changing table on top. The sink and the top is all in stone and specially made after our measurements, we wanted all in one piece blending together. We picked a sink that is big enough so we can give our little boys a bath in it the first months.

Us taking a selfie in the middle of the renovation.



New in: White Couch


I am in nesting mood and finishing our home on step at the time before the twins arrival. We always wanted a big cosy couch to crawl up in and I know maybe white is not the most practical choose when expecting twin boys but IKEA sells covers for the couch and it is washable so we took a chance on having a white couch ;)



– Budget VS Luxury –


About a year ago I fell in love with the brand Lyngby and their beautiful porslin. I bought myself a nice vase from them that I use a lot and never get tired of, then just the other day I walked into Systrana Grene and found a similar vase for almost nothing. I am a quality fanatic and love nice long lasting design but the fact is also that I cant afford to buy everything from fancy brands, so in our home I try to mix in both, budget and luxury. I know the designer products will last us longer and have a timeless value as well as it is fun to buy cheap design to change the mood and surroundings with.

The short vase in purple glas is from Systrana Grene costs 918kr and the large vase in gray glas is from Lyngby and costs 13.900kr.



*this is not a sponsored post

– Decorate with Plants –


When I feel like a change is needed at home I usually start with buying new flowers. For me flowers brings more of a “cosy” feeling to the home and like our home both walls and floors are white and it needs more cosynes to the decoration to make it feel like a home. Most my of flowers I buy at IKEA or a flower wholesale here in Iceland.


Poster from Playtype/NORR11, Frame IKEA, Chair Kartell, Flower IKEA, Basket Petit.is (sold out)

29.02 29.03

Flower IKEA / Old Pot / Tray Søstrene Grene





Pot head



I loove to play florist in our living room. On a day off work I start my morning by going out buying cut flowers, pot flowers and seeds. This is my favorite hobby!

TR02 TR03






Breakfast Baby


On my days off I always wait to take Þóra to leikskoli, we have a long cosy breakfast together and take the morning slow. This is the best day every week, just me and my baby having quality time.









Jul vol.4 – Jóladagatal

HomeLifeProjectsSweden VS Iceland

Last night I finally finished Toras Christmas calendar. This is a tradition I had as a child and everyday before school I got one little gift from my Christmas calendar. I know here you have the Icelandic Jólasveinar and the shoe in the window tradition and this one is very similar to that, one little gift a day but for the whole of December. Now this will sound crazy but we couldn’t decide on what tradition to have for Tora so we have both.. yes I know it is way too much for a little 2 year old but to ease your worries over how much we spoil our kid she only gets very small things and sometimes just a gingerbread cookie or crayons and paper. It’s nothing of much value, just small stuff to keep the traditions from both sides. I’m just hoping she doesn’t wake up to a potato in her shoe some day.

Gunnar and the Jólasveinar take care of the shoe and I take care of the Christmas calendar. Gunnar also takes care of eating the skyr, meat and whatnot that we leave for santa by the shoe ;)

juldagtal7I love the brown paper and the “traditional” look of gifts.


juldagtal3juldagtal5Our Christmas calendar is from Bloomingville, available HERE.


The “stamp” is from TGR.

God Jul,