– Budget VS Luxury –


About a year ago I fell in love with the brand Lyngby and their beautiful porslin. I bought myself a nice vase from them that I use a lot and never get tired of, then just the other day I walked into Systrana Grene and found a similar vase for almost nothing. I am a quality fanatic and love nice long lasting design but the fact is also that I cant afford to buy everything from fancy brands, so in our home I try to mix in both, budget and luxury. I know the designer products will last us longer and have a timeless value as well as it is fun to buy cheap design to change the mood and surroundings with.

The short vase in purple glas is from Systrana Grene costs 918kr and the large vase in gray glas is from Lyngby and costs 13.900kr.



*this is not a sponsored post


Skrifa Innlegg