My secret to no stretch marks

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Stretch marks are very common and mostly hormonal, some people get them easy and others don’t. I have stretch marks on my thighs that I got when I was a teenager, so I know that I can get stretch marks easy. Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, they are the proud marks of motherhood and carrying a child. But to be honest, I would choose to not have any if I could. With carrying twins I am now taking extra care of my skin because my skin on the belly will be stretched out to its maximum by the end of the pregnancy. Now I am in week 34 and when my midwife measured my belly she said it is the size of a pregnancy with one child in week 45. Even if I get stretch marks that is very likely, I want to make sure I did everything I could and that I keep them moisturized so they wont get too deep and red.

This is what I do,

1. Drink a lot of water, I drink at least 3L a day.

2. Eat natural fats like avocado, cocoa butter,almonds, coconut oil and Hemp-seed oil.

3. Do not scratch my belly, as soon I feel my itchy belly try to not scratch and instead add moisturizer. I use Weleda stretch mark oil.

4. Try to oil my belly 2-3times a day.

5. Take my vitamins and most of all Omega3 / Lysi.

Everyday I put Weleda – Stretch Mark Massage Oil on my belly and boobs & I drink one spoon of Cold pressed Hemp-seed oil to keep my skin moisturized from the inside and outside. I also take Lysi/Omega3. I have bad eczema and now when I am good with my oils the eczema is totally gone, so it really shows how well the skin absorb all the oils.

I am in week 34 with our Twins. But my belly is as big as women carrying one child in week 45.



Print from your phone

Lifetips and tricks

About 4months ago my old phone stopped working, when I couldn’t turn my phone on anymore I panicked, all the pictures of Þóra is in the phone and I still haven’t printed them or saved them somewhere else. It was pictures from when she was born, when she started to walk, eat etc. My most valuable memories. Thank goodness the phone store was able to restore all my images and we got them on a usb stick, but after this experience I am very careful to always print all my phone images regular, bc there are so many memories I only have in my phone.

I was happy to find this app – Lalalab

Now I only go to the app and select what images I want to print and in what format and send them. It is super easy and they arrive after a week just in my post. I think the price is good and the quality of the pictures comes out great.

I recommend this 100% !

Now I only need to find a nice album or book to put in all our memories ?



How I make my orchids bloom again

Passiontips and tricks

As you probably know by now, I am a flower freak.. I just love flowers, like a elderly lady I care a lot about my flowers and check on them every day. One of my favorite flowers is the Orchid, I have about 10 white ones. I’ve never thrown out an orchid after it’s done blooming because if you care for it right and get to know how they like it they will bloom again and again. Here are my tips on how I care for my orchids, not everyone does it the same way but this is my way :)


In our office we have the best light, the windows are facing north/east and my orchids love the light there. They do not like direct sun and the leafs of the orchids burn easy, that is why it’s important to have them in a light window but no direct sun on them.


I do not water orchids, I give them a “bath” once every other week or third week. This is a tropical flower and they are used to long dry times and heavy short rain days, so I figure that these “baths” suit them well. I place them all in my sink rinsing them with water and then let them stand in deep water for about 5min. Then the roots of the orchids absorb water and use that water for the next dry period, almost like a camel ;)

IMG_6520  IMG_6522

I also clean out all the pots, they usually get green and mossy. I use glass pots for my orchids so the roots of the plants get day light on them as well. Do not use any soap or dish washing liquid cleaning the pots, just hot water.


When the orchids are done absorbing water in their roots they look like the image above. You can see on your orchids if they are missing water, then the roots are dried out and wrinkly. The leafs can also look sad and wrinkly, that’s a sign of too little daylight and/or too little water. Give the flower a bath and place them in a lighter window, but again – no direct sun.

IMG_6524 IMG_6528

My little secret is also to wrap the bottom of the flower in plastic film, to make it like a closed green house. Because the orchids are tropical they like the humid and their roots grow more and that’s a good sign that the orchids will bloom again. After I complete wrapping the bottom of the orchids in plastic film I place them in the clean pot again and then in their favorite light window.

IMG_6557 IMG_6547 (1)

My orchids bloom every three to five months, now it’s usually orchid season and I have started to see some new spikes coming up. When they have fully bloomed they get to come out of my office and I place them in a nicer spot, like the living-room or hallway :)

Good luck with your orchids!



Rice basket Trend

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I want to share one of my addictions, the basket storage trend. I started to love this basket storage idea a while back and I found them hard to find and especially in Iceland. Now Petit is distributing these lovely rice baskets and we have also put a little extra touch on the original/natural look by giving it a “dipped” feeling.  You can find them all – HERE

I have one in our living room for storing Toras stuff, like coloring books and Lego bricks. One in the bathroom to have on the floor with toilet paper in and one with rolled up towels in it. I also want to find a small tree to have in one basket in our bedroom.

They are usable everywhere at home and it looks great to!

11939544_174356759564379_2128226307_n petitricebaskets 07a2104e6ad6bcdcb14b1e78c6c9c256 img_8754-510x766 dec205b5734f56ce8cb9dfa7ca72420a bodi_and_fou_51a2099fe087c3690dc794b6



DIY: Kids fashion knitted crown

Kidstips and tricks

One trend this Autumn/Winter is knitted crown headbands for kiddos.

I am not good at knitting but my mother in law is a expert and she made one for Tora. I believe everyone in Iceland knows someone that is a knitting expert so I wanted to share this DIY so you can also have one for your kid this Autumn ;)korona1

I had to take the pattern file down, but I am sure you can make it without the pattern ;)

Have fun!




Foodtips and tricks

Lately life has been quite hectic for me. I am a person that wants to do it all, and at the same time and with perfect performance. That’s not really realistic though and I haven’t had time to cook proper fun dinner in a long time. I just love to prepp dinner and I’m always trying new fun recipes but I haven’t had the imagination or time to think about what we should have for dinner.

I had a colleague that gave me the tip to try “Eldum rett”, three dinners a week, half prepped food with recipes. Today was the first time we tried it and I was so pleasantly suprised! I went to Kopavogur and picked up one box, there where three recipes, two meat and one fish. All the ingredients were top quality and the meat from Icelandic farmers, Exactly what I want to eat. I also thought the recipes were inspiring and fun to cook, all ingredients were included and even seasoning mixes. I really recommend to try this if you feel like there is not enough time in the day to plan a good dinner but you still want to feed your family good and healthy food.

I am just very happy to share this bc I really liked it and will enjoy more dinners from Eldumrett.


wpid-wp-1432760930521.jpeg   wpid-2015-05-27-07.17.05-1.jpg.jpeg



Happy Wife, Happy Life


Namn Smycken

Shoppingtips and tricks

I want to share a great gift idea.

I didnt get it as a gift but it is also a great gift for yourself ;)


I ordered this bracelet with our daughters birthday engraved on one side and her name on the other, I love it so much. You can engrave what ever you like, your name, your siblings, dog etc. Later if we have more kids I also want to get a necklace with all our children’s names on it, I have seen it and I think it is such a nice idea.

like this
25646231-origpic-928103 25646231-origpic-e7ea58

I got my bracelet here and they ship to Iceland !