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My secret to no stretch marks

Stretch marks are very common and mostly hormonal, some people get them easy and others don’t. I have stretch marks […]

Print from your phone

About 4months ago my old phone stopped working, when I couldn’t turn my phone on anymore I panicked, all the […]

How I make my orchids bloom again

As you probably know by now, I am a flower freak.. I just love flowers, like a elderly lady I […]

JUL vol.3 – The Gift

I finally got us a Lightbox for our bedroom, so cosy and stylish, I love it! I would say this […]

Rice basket Trend

I want to share one of my addictions, the basket storage trend. I started to love this basket storage idea […]

DIY: Kids fashion knitted crown

One trend this Autumn/Winter is knitted crown headbands for kiddos. I am not good at knitting but my mother in […]


Lately life has been quite hectic for me. I am a person that wants to do it all, and at […]

Namn Smycken

I want to share a great gift idea. I didnt get it as a gift but it is also a […]