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Lately life has been quite hectic for me. I am a person that wants to do it all, and at the same time and with perfect performance. That’s not really realistic though and I haven’t had time to cook proper fun dinner in a long time. I just love to prepp dinner and I’m always trying new fun recipes but I haven’t had the imagination or time to think about what we should have for dinner.

I had a colleague that gave me the tip to try “Eldum rett”, three dinners a week, half prepped food with recipes. Today was the first time we tried it and I was so pleasantly suprised! I went to Kopavogur and picked up one box, there where three recipes, two meat and one fish. All the ingredients were top quality and the meat from Icelandic farmers, Exactly what I want to eat. I also thought the recipes were inspiring and fun to cook, all ingredients were included and even seasoning mixes. I really recommend to try this if you feel like there is not enough time in the day to plan a good dinner but you still want to feed your family good and healthy food.

I am just very happy to share this bc I really liked it and will enjoy more dinners from Eldumrett.


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  1. Svart á Hvítu

    29. May 2015

    YES! I’ve tried it for couple of weeks now and I LOVE IT…. just sometimes forget to order so I didnt have this week… but cant wait for next week… fish tacos mmmm

  2. Valur

    1. June 2015

    Great ! Thanks for the review :)