Icelandic design

Lulla Doll by RoRo

Finally the Lulla Doll is available on the Icelandic market and I can’t wait to have one for our twins. […]

Ahle Agency

Very soon after we moved to Iceland I saw that many Icelanders are very crafty and artsy. The culture life […]

Viðja jewelry

I am so happy to share with you the good news about a new Icelandic jewelry designer – Þórhildur Þrándardóttir the […]

Icelandic Design: As We Grow

I am very excited to talk about As We Grow, a fast growing premium brand for kids. As We Grow […]

Nova X Hring eftir hring & STAKA

Here in the STAKA necklace. A couple of weeks back I rented a photo studio to take new product images […]

By Heiðdís Helgadóttir

My morning started in Studio Snilld – Hafnarfjörður for a morning coffee with the very talented artist Heiðdís Helgadóttir. Heiðdís […]