Lulla Doll by RoRo

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Finally the Lulla Doll is available on the Icelandic market and I can’t wait to have one for our twins. Many twin moms that I’ve talked to say the key to “staying sane” with twin newborns is to time them together with sleep and food. I am really hopeful the Lulla Doll will help us get the babies to sleep at the same time ;)

The Lulla Doll is an Icelandic invention and has eight hour soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. It helps the child fall asleep and the baby follows the breathing and heart pace of the doll, which gives the baby a secure and safe sleep. The Lulla dolls design is based on scientific research and they’ve are a great success in USA and Australia.

The Lulla Doll costs 12.900isk and is available here





Ahle Agency

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Very soon after we moved to Iceland I saw that many Icelanders are very crafty and artsy. The culture life in Iceland as in music, arts, fashion and theater is quite big for such a small country. I was amazed that many Icelanders I talked to could play an instrument or for example, working part time as fashion designer out side of their normal work. I find it so fascinating and unique! Then of course all this amazing Icelandic design, that I never heard of before. I felt like it needed to be more known, that there are many brands from little Iceland with great designs and quality. I wanted to create an Agency that took more Icelandic design to the Scandinavian markets and gave these labels a good name in ex, Sweden. Now after three years I felt like it was the right time to start this project, Ahle Agency. The Agency is only a couple of weeks old and we are already making big progress with the brands we have in Sweden.

We signed AsWeGrow and Iglo+Indi, both focusing on the children’s market. It is best to take it slow and do it very well. I come from a marketing background and I know the key to good sales are thought marketing and branding. That is they key stones, then comes social skills and last sales skills. I hope our agency will preform well, I am now committing three days a week to the agency and when this it is up and rolling I will start my next project ;)

You can follow our progress via Instagram – AhleAgency

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.32.39

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.33.22

Iglo+Inid´s fashionable head office.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.39.26


Meet with AsWeGrow designer Guðrun at their head office.








Viðja jewelry

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I am so happy to share with you the good news about a new Icelandic jewelry designer – Þórhildur Þrándardóttir the woman behind Viðja jewelry.

Þórhildur has been helping me in the store on and off. One day I asked her where she got her earrings, she told me she made them herself and that she was taking classes in jewelry design. I was amazed how perfect they where and that they in fact are made out of sterling silver, as I am allergic to nickel I find it hard to get nice affordable sterling silver jewelry. I encouraged Þórhildur to take her interest one step further and make more jewelry under her own name and of course also had to ask her if I could buy one pair for myself ;)

vidja1I have now been wearing my earrings everyday for two weeks and I love them! Looking forward to see what Viðja jewelry will make next and I wish Þórhildur all the best in her new career.

vidja3              vidja2




Icelandic Design: As We Grow

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I am very excited to talk about As We Grow, a fast growing premium brand for kids. As We Grow like its name is “growing” with the kids and some of their sizes fits for 2-3 years in one garment. That is amazing! Their AW collection pieces are made from fine alpaca, highland wool and pima cotton. As I am very into good long lasting quality, As We Grow is a brand I will have for our girl and also save when she has grown out of it to have for baby no.2 and no.3 ;)

I visited As We Grow in their every cosy head office downtown. I could not resist to also order some products to sell in our store, It is so much fun to get in a Icelandic Design brand with warm knit wear for this Autumn. As We Grow focus on increasing the value clothes gain by being used by many children. By being able to use a garment for longer than usual you show respect to the environment – but also create emotional value adding history to long-lived pieces. Hoping that As We Grow garments will in that way become part of peoples’ history and connect people.


11855409_10156023966885226_1122172965_n  11868804_10156023968230226_870441300_n 11874115_10156023967235226_2135192154_n 11850798_10156023968030226_462909751_n     aswegrowdress3 11874220_10156023967455226_1225120703_n 11880061_10156023967780226_472714735_n  11880140_10156023967630226_1468580094_n




Nova X Hring eftir hring & STAKA

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Here in the STAKA necklace.




A couple of weeks back I rented a photo studio to take new product images for Petit, the studio is located next to Hring efir hring showroom in Skipholt. I always have Nova with me if I am away working on project myself, it is nice to have her company and she is sleeping somewhere. After I was done with all the photographing for Petit I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of Nova :)

I asked beautiful Steinunn Vala that is the designer behind Hring efir hring if I could borrow some necklaces as accessories in the pictures. She was really feeling the idea and we both started to play-around with Nova as a model. I personally love their jewelry and the images came out so nice and now I have to print one out in larger size to have framed at home :)





By Heiðdís Helgadóttir

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My morning started in Studio SnilldHafnarfjörður for a morning coffee with the very talented artist Heiðdís Helgadóttir.

Heiðdís studio is warm and welcoming just like the host and her cosy dog Elisabet (she’s so Fluffy!!)

Me and Heiðdís have been meeting up a couple of times lately and today we finalized our first collaboration together! Heiðdís has created a letter collection for Petit, it is beautiful hand-drawn leaf letters that will fit nicely in any home! I am so in love with every letter and they are the perfect mix between warm and minimalistic. I am also excited to have a big Þ (for Þóra) framed in our daughters room.

The collection is limited and all drawings hand signed by Heiðdís. The leaf letter collection will be released online and in store on Saturday the 23rd of May at 11:00 – HERE


11350630_10155673817130226_7273374615737031531_n 10486135_744376208984018_8492306406312857470_n


– Heiðdís Helgadóttir for Petit  –




 Cant wait !