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Very soon after we moved to Iceland I saw that many Icelanders are very crafty and artsy. The culture life in Iceland as in music, arts, fashion and theater is quite big for such a small country. I was amazed that many Icelanders I talked to could play an instrument or for example, working part time as fashion designer out side of their normal work. I find it so fascinating and unique! Then of course all this amazing Icelandic design, that I never heard of before. I felt like it needed to be more known, that there are many brands from little Iceland with great designs and quality. I wanted to create an Agency that took more Icelandic design to the Scandinavian markets and gave these labels a good name in ex, Sweden. Now after three years I felt like it was the right time to start this project, Ahle Agency. The Agency is only a couple of weeks old and we are already making big progress with the brands we have in Sweden.

We signed AsWeGrow and Iglo+Indi, both focusing on the children’s market. It is best to take it slow and do it very well. I come from a marketing background and I know the key to good sales are thought marketing and branding. That is they key stones, then comes social skills and last sales skills. I hope our agency will preform well, I am now committing three days a week to the agency and when this it is up and rolling I will start my next project ;)

You can follow our progress via Instagram – AhleAgency

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.32.39

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Iglo+Inid´s fashionable head office.

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Meet with AsWeGrow designer Guðrun at their head office.








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  1. Frida

    4. March 2016

    I was at CPH trade fair in february and I was thinking why no one was doing this in Iceland and here you are!
    Wish you the best x

    • Linnea

      9. March 2016

      We hope to have a both at CIFF this autumn :)