New Petit ✨ Ármuli 23

Three days ago we opened New, Bigger and Better Petit !! It has been a month of hard work and […]

Renovation: White carpet flooring

4 days left to the big move and now we are complete painting all room’s and the finishing work is […]

Renovation: No more white walls!

I am looking at wall colors for the new house. Our apartment today is extremely Scandinavian with all walls white, […]

Homemade Chocolate Eggs

I got invited to a chocolate Easter egg class and got completely hooked on the idea that I should make […]

Our Bathroom renovation

Our little bathroom was in great need of a “face lift” so we decided to have it done before the […]

Nike X Petit Event

One week ago Petit had a big event in cooperation with Nike Island for the release of the Nike Toddler […]

Ahle Agency

Very soon after we moved to Iceland I saw that many Icelanders are very crafty and artsy. The culture life […]

Detox week

Been meaning to go on a detox cleanse since the beginning of January to really boost myself with my 12 […]

Jul vol.4 – Jóladagatal

Last night I finally finished Toras Christmas calendar. This is a tradition I had as a child and everyday before […]

JUL vol.2 – Flowers

I believe my passion for flowers was “planted” at a early age, you can say I had no choice. My parents […]