Renovation: No more white walls!


I am looking at wall colors for the new house. Our apartment today is extremely Scandinavian with all walls white, white oiled wooden floors and white furniture. In the new house we decided to not have any white walls, all rooms will be painted in different dust shades and we will also redo the floors but haven’t decided what type of floors yet, I think they will be bleached gray or dark oak wooden floors.

Now all the fun begins




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Homemade Chocolate Eggs


I got invited to a chocolate Easter egg class and got completely hooked on the idea that I should make my family Easter eggs this year. I thought it would be a fun tradition with the kids and we can stuff our eggs with candy that we like and write little love notes to each other ;)

I made 4 types of eggs: one with just milk chocolate, one caramel with light milk chocolate, one licorice milk chocolate and one just 70% dark chocolate.

I bought the molds from Allt í Köku about 1000kr/stk.

Then I melted the chocolate in hot water bath. I never let the water completely boil, just heating up close to boiling.

Dont forget to put in a love note 💕

In Þóra Lóas egg I placed healthy candy and a toy, I think all the chocolate that the egg is made out of is enough for her.

Then it is nice to create some decorations to put on the egg.

For the liquorice egg I used dracula puder.

And put in the mold before pouring in the chocolate.

This the finished Liquorice chocolate egg 👌

And the plain milk chocolate egg.

And Þóras caramel chocolate egg with eatable glitter spray ;)

The I wrapped all the eggs and we will store them cool in our pantry until Easter.

This was super fun and I will most likely make more very soon :)



Our Bathroom renovation


Our little bathroom was in great need of a “face lift” so we decided to have it done before the end of January. Our main focus was good practical storage and space for a washing machine, having newborn babies I did not want to be running to the washing room in the basement all the time.

I forgot to take before pictures so you can see the transformation but it was old and just not practical at all. What we have done is to buy new interior as lights, mirror, cabinets, shower/bath pipes, stone top and sink. I am really happy with the outcome and new storage spaces we got in this small bathroom.

We picked dark wood interior and white stone top, the top is extra wide for a bathroom so we could fit the washing machine under and also to have as a changing table on top. The sink and the top is all in stone and specially made after our measurements, we wanted all in one piece blending together. We picked a sink that is big enough so we can give our little boys a bath in it the first months.

Us taking a selfie in the middle of the renovation.



Nike X Petit Event


One week ago Petit had a big event in cooperation with Nike Island for the release of the Nike Toddler SU16 collection.

With the help of Nike Island we pulled of a really nice event, I also wanted to share some images from the evening. At one point everything was so busy I completely missed to take pictures, but lucky me Nike snapped and I saved some  ;)


The beautiful people that made the Nike X Petit event happen.

IMG_7511 13340801_10157109978960226_1200260382_o

Petits lovely staff got a summer gift before the event.

13383616_10157109979445226_404997142_o 13340668_10157109979395226_234322345_o

Super good licorice and vanilla macaroons with hand-painted Nike swoosh and Kristall to drink.


All the new sneakers are amazing, here is one of my favorites – All Gray Nike Command TD

13389095_10157109979460226_271779124_o 13340808_10157109979435226_1865229902_o

An event is not complete without goodie bags and Petit gave the first 50 customers goodie bags.  Essie nail-polish and Elnett hairspray for the parent and Hipp Organic baby food and Burt’s Bees baby oil for the child + 2000kr gift-card at Petit.


The perfect DJ for this event was Helga Gabriella that is also expecting a little baby <3

13324167_10157109979365226_2087823775_o 13383548_10157109978985226_2144923407_o

Big Thank you to all the people that helped and to everyone that showed up at Petit !



Ahle Agency

Icelandic designProjects

Very soon after we moved to Iceland I saw that many Icelanders are very crafty and artsy. The culture life in Iceland as in music, arts, fashion and theater is quite big for such a small country. I was amazed that many Icelanders I talked to could play an instrument or for example, working part time as fashion designer out side of their normal work. I find it so fascinating and unique! Then of course all this amazing Icelandic design, that I never heard of before. I felt like it needed to be more known, that there are many brands from little Iceland with great designs and quality. I wanted to create an Agency that took more Icelandic design to the Scandinavian markets and gave these labels a good name in ex, Sweden. Now after three years I felt like it was the right time to start this project, Ahle Agency. The Agency is only a couple of weeks old and we are already making big progress with the brands we have in Sweden.

We signed AsWeGrow and Iglo+Indi, both focusing on the children’s market. It is best to take it slow and do it very well. I come from a marketing background and I know the key to good sales are thought marketing and branding. That is they key stones, then comes social skills and last sales skills. I hope our agency will preform well, I am now committing three days a week to the agency and when this it is up and rolling I will start my next project ;)

You can follow our progress via Instagram – AhleAgency

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.32.39

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.33.22

Iglo+Inid´s fashionable head office.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 18.39.26


Meet with AsWeGrow designer Guðrun at their head office.








Detox week


Been meaning to go on a detox cleanse since the beginning of January to really boost myself with my 12 weeks training program before bikini season starts again ;)  As always when something is a little extra demanding and not really prioritized my me, I intended to wait it out until last minute. Tomorrow I am going into my 3rd week of my training program and next week we are going to Copenhagen and fashion week.

Today I have been prepping all snacks and small meals, we have also ordered Paleo (caveman diet) dinners from Eldum Rett starting tomorrow.

dextox 12596890_10156578925425226_895878334_o 12632905_10156578925385226_468958630_o 12633316_10156578925325226_1792220809_o 12633340_10156578925515226_1224322718_o

My mother is a nutritionist and it is her healthy energy bars I make, they are made from chia seeds, nuts and dried cranberry’s. I also made two types of boosts, one “liquid salad” and one regular berry boost. Then I roasted nuts and  made fruit bowls as snacks.



Jul vol.4 – Jóladagatal

HomeLifeProjectsSweden VS Iceland

Last night I finally finished Toras Christmas calendar. This is a tradition I had as a child and everyday before school I got one little gift from my Christmas calendar. I know here you have the Icelandic Jólasveinar and the shoe in the window tradition and this one is very similar to that, one little gift a day but for the whole of December. Now this will sound crazy but we couldn’t decide on what tradition to have for Tora so we have both.. yes I know it is way too much for a little 2 year old but to ease your worries over how much we spoil our kid she only gets very small things and sometimes just a gingerbread cookie or crayons and paper. It’s nothing of much value, just small stuff to keep the traditions from both sides. I’m just hoping she doesn’t wake up to a potato in her shoe some day.

Gunnar and the Jólasveinar take care of the shoe and I take care of the Christmas calendar. Gunnar also takes care of eating the skyr, meat and whatnot that we leave for santa by the shoe ;)

juldagtal7I love the brown paper and the “traditional” look of gifts.


juldagtal3juldagtal5Our Christmas calendar is from Bloomingville, available HERE.


The “stamp” is from TGR.

God Jul,


JUL vol.2 – Flowers


I believe my passion for flowers was “planted” at a early age, you can say I had no choice. My parents named me after a little Swedish flower called Linnéa, it was also the favorite flower by the flower man himself (Carl von Linné) he named it after himself. Not only that… my first word was “Blomma”  (flower in Swedish) and as long as I can remember I always loved flowers and I had great interest in flowers.  It is not until now I can see that it was pretty made up for me to have a flower interest, my great grand parents had a huge flower plantation that I just to just lay in and look at all the different types and shapes of flowers.

I of course dream of having my own flower store, I am positive I will make that dream come true, one day, but until then I am just pretending to be a florist ;)

Here are some of my Christmas flower decorations for this year. Hope you get inspired.











1. Candle chandelier from Ferm LivingHERE 

2. South Africa’s national flower Protea in a vase from Deisgn House Sthlm.

3. White large amaryllis in IKEA glass jar that I took the lit off.

JUL vol.1 – Ornament


Julen (Christmas in Swedish) is around the corner and I have started to decorate, both at home and in our store. My friends call me the Grinch of Christmas because I am very specific on how much and how I decorate. No plastic, no red lights and no polyester, with other words not a very American Christmas ;) I try to use as much natrual elements as possible but still get a Christmas atmosphere.

Here is a super simple DIY Christmas ornament I made for our store, the ornaments would also look nice in a Christmas tree.


I got pinecones from Hakaup and small white hooks with screws from Husasmidjan.


Then its just to screw in the hooks on top of the pinecones, very easy by hand.


I made a “spay box” and hanged the pine-cones on strings.


Spray away, in any color you like. Pretty obvious I would spay mine in white ;)


Then you have a really simple and beautiful ornament.



Store of Daydreams


These last two weeks have been the most hectic weeks of my life, also very emotional and draining weeks. As you know we have our little Petit store, that is soon celebrating 3 years since we first opened Petit’s online store. A year back we decided to open a very small physical store in Grimsbaer, a tiny little mall close to where we live, just to see how Petit would work as a “real” store.  Our store space in Grimsbaer was only 38sqm, we grew out of it very fast and had to have an extra storage unit in another location to be able to be in that space. We realized very soon that we needed to start a real hunt for the perfect big store. We looked all around Reykjavik and most of the Reykjavik realty firms had my phone number on speed-dial if any space would be available, so we would see it first hand.

We looked everywhere and even in the big shopping malls, but nothing felt perfect, many nice spaces but no space that gave us that extra nice feeling. Then one day I got a phone call that there was a space on Sudurlandsbraut 4, right in the middle of all the food shops. I was very skeptic going there but I went and right away I could see us moving in, it was Perfect! I called Gunnar and just told him to see this, and now we needed to make fast decisions. He came and we got to see the space from the inside, The perfect space, 4meters ceiling height with big windows all the way up and the whole length of the store. The total store is around 120sqm with good storage and a beautiful view.

We only had one week to set up the new space, clear out our old and move all our things in to Sudurlandsbraut before the opening.

This is where I almost lost my mind.


Even though I knew we only had one week to move our store I wanted to have the new space close to finished before all the products came in. We wanted to work with professionals and not many pros agree to one week of crazy work, nor do they have the time to just jump on a new project with two days notice.

Thank god for Rebekka Pétursdóttir, she offered us her free time and that weekend to draw up the new store. Poor Rebekka, I think she´s never worked with such a pushy person and there was no time for “brainstorming” or “lets think about this”, It was just now and here. As the pro she is she made Petit perfect from every angle only in two days! The blueprints were ready monday morning and that afternoon we were off to Husasmidjan to buy all the material.

12242768_10156348264830226_570538835_o       12268560_10156348264375226_442959654_o


12255531_10156348268855226_1761986276_oOn the whole back wall of the store we decided to build a giant bookshelf, 4x12meters. For good display of all our products and also to get maximum use of the ceiling height. That bookshelf alone was 54 meters of material.

12250755_10156348265130226_1990662393_oThe bookshelf was like a Tetris puzzle to put up and to make sure all the separate shelfs were strong enough to hold the items that will be placed on them. That bookshelf had me thinking it would never be finished in time, because it took such a long time to finalize.




I lived in the store for most of the week, I only slept very few hours each night and didn’t see my daughter much that week. There were so many things to do, to paint, to build and to plan.

We had to have an electrician come in and move the lights and install new. We needed a carpenter for all the heavy hard work, we needed the windows to be cleaned, we needed the insurance company to look over the space and we also needed to clean and empty our old store. I had the longest to-do list for this one little week.


With a lot of help from Gunnar’s family and our friends we were able to see the light in the tunnel. The cleaning of the space was massive, we swiped the floors 7 times, and it was endless build up of dust in the space. We had 3 people just organizing our storage space in the back and four girls in the front decorating.


I decided we were going to have the grand opening on Friday the 6th Nov from 17:00 – 21:00.

Thursday evening, my friend Greta came and we styled the space all night.




Then Friday morning came and I was half alive. But I knew what was waiting for me that morning at Sudurlandsbraut 4, it was the store of my Daydreams.

We did it! We created one of the most beautiful stores I have ever seen in only one week, that´s crazy and wonderful.


I am so Thankful for everyone that have help us to create the beauty that Petit turned out to be and also to all the customers that came an visited us in our new store.