Nike X Petit Event


One week ago Petit had a big event in cooperation with Nike Island for the release of the Nike Toddler SU16 collection.

[vimeo 169307948 w=640 h=360]

With the help of Nike Island we pulled of a really nice event, I also wanted to share some images from the evening. At one point everything was so busy I completely missed to take pictures, but lucky me Nike snapped and I saved some  ;)


The beautiful people that made the Nike X Petit event happen.

IMG_7511 13340801_10157109978960226_1200260382_o

Petits lovely staff got a summer gift before the event.

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Super good licorice and vanilla macaroons with hand-painted Nike swoosh and Kristall to drink.


All the new sneakers are amazing, here is one of my favorites – All Gray Nike Command TD

13389095_10157109979460226_271779124_o 13340808_10157109979435226_1865229902_o

An event is not complete without goodie bags and Petit gave the first 50 customers goodie bags.  Essie nail-polish and Elnett hairspray for the parent and Hipp Organic baby food and Burt’s Bees baby oil for the child + 2000kr gift-card at Petit.


The perfect DJ for this event was Helga Gabriella that is also expecting a little baby <3

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Big Thank you to all the people that helped and to everyone that showed up at Petit !



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