Bergs Potter !

A nice plant need a nice pot! This little avocado tree of ours is getting so big it was time […]


It´s time for a new flower post Love, L

Video: Easter Cake

I always loved to bake and latley I have been taking my cake baking to the next level. For does […]

How I make my orchids bloom again

As you probably know by now, I am a flower freak.. I just love flowers, like a elderly lady I […]

Pot head

I loove to play florist in our living room. On a day off work I start my morning by going […]

Morfars Bullar

I want to share with you my grandfathers vanilla/cinnamon buns, these are dangerously good. There is many secrets to these […]

JUL vol.2 – Flowers

I believe my passion for flowers was “planted” at a early age, you can say I had no choice. My parents […]

Store of Daydreams

These last two weeks have been the most hectic weeks of my life, also very emotional and draining weeks. As […]

Dream Home vol.1

I want to start with a new section in the blog called Dream home. VOL. 1 This breathtaking Stockholm flat […]


Last week we received the children’s fashion brand Tinycottons to Petit. I have been waiting for this moment for a […]