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As you probably know by now, I am a flower freak.. I just love flowers, like a elderly lady I care a lot about my flowers and check on them every day. One of my favorite flowers is the Orchid, I have about 10 white ones. I’ve never thrown out an orchid after it’s done blooming because if you care for it right and get to know how they like it they will bloom again and again. Here are my tips on how I care for my orchids, not everyone does it the same way but this is my way :)


In our office we have the best light, the windows are facing north/east and my orchids love the light there. They do not like direct sun and the leafs of the orchids burn easy, that is why it’s important to have them in a light window but no direct sun on them.


I do not water orchids, I give them a “bath” once every other week or third week. This is a tropical flower and they are used to long dry times and heavy short rain days, so I figure that these “baths” suit them well. I place them all in my sink rinsing them with water and then let them stand in deep water for about 5min. Then the roots of the orchids absorb water and use that water for the next dry period, almost like a camel ;)

IMG_6520  IMG_6522

I also clean out all the pots, they usually get green and mossy. I use glass pots for my orchids so the roots of the plants get day light on them as well. Do not use any soap or dish washing liquid cleaning the pots, just hot water.


When the orchids are done absorbing water in their roots they look like the image above. You can see on your orchids if they are missing water, then the roots are dried out and wrinkly. The leafs can also look sad and wrinkly, that’s a sign of too little daylight and/or too little water. Give the flower a bath and place them in a lighter window, but again – no direct sun.

IMG_6524 IMG_6528

My little secret is also to wrap the bottom of the flower in plastic film, to make it like a closed green house. Because the orchids are tropical they like the humid and their roots grow more and that’s a good sign that the orchids will bloom again. After I complete wrapping the bottom of the orchids in plastic film I place them in the clean pot again and then in their favorite light window.

IMG_6557 IMG_6547 (1)

My orchids bloom every three to five months, now it’s usually orchid season and I have started to see some new spikes coming up. When they have fully bloomed they get to come out of my office and I place them in a nicer spot, like the living-room or hallway :)

Good luck with your orchids!



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  1. Sigrun

    13. May 2016

    I love orchids as well, but I tend to give up on them when no flowers are left! Do you trim them at all, or do the stalks that lose their flowers just rebloom ?

    • Linnea

      16. May 2016

      Hi Sigrun, I know the feeling, but just let them be and don’t give up. I never trim them, just continue to care for it and you will get new flowers, most common is that I get a new stalk growing from the old one. But when I am really lucky a new stalk from the bottom ;)

  2. Tinna

    17. May 2016

    This is just what I needed, thank you! One question, do you continue to give them “bath” and wrap them with plastic film when they have fully bloomed?