Wake up America

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It is exactly eight years (on the day) that I moved home from living in New York for over two years. I had a seven year visa and my home trip was going to be a short visit for the holidays, then I meet Gunnar and I decided to stay in Sweden with him. I am convinced that if I didn’t meet Gunnar that winter I would probably still be in the US and maybe even have a family there, I am so happy that I am in Iceland and that I have my family here. I can not imagine how these news would make me feel if I had children and were an immigrant in the US today..

The only positive thing is that there is hopefully a light in the end of this, the light is called “Millennials”


Do you see how Nice this looks ?!

This is the result if just “Millennials” (people born after 1982) could vote. The FUTURE looks better. The elderly, especially older men, are doing their last in the world right now. Brexit, SD (Swedish Democrats / Swedish racist party) and Trump, their era is on the way out … the future will come, without them! Our generation has the greatest impact on our children’s future and we must again learn from humanity’s mistakes, we will be able to create the future of our children and it will be light.


Pray for America, and all of us really






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Loving my new color from Essie – Sand Tropez. The perfect autumn/winter color.

I also want to point out that most of my posts are not sponsored posts. I recently heard a known Icelandic speaker talk to a big crowd of women that all life style bloggers only write about things they get for free and that these women should not believe what the bloggers blog about, it is all pure commercial. That what they see in the blogs the bloggers have not picked out or paid for themselves. As I was standing among the women in the crowd I started to look around for reactions and there where many that head nodded and agreed to this statement. I felt offended in some ways, I bought almost everything I am writing about and I enjoy taking pictures and write about products and things in life that I think is beautiful. I wanted to make this clear so readers here don’t think that everything I write about is a commercial for a company, I promise to make it clear the day I get a product for free and not ;)



Panic Attacks

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Life can be so unpredictable.. I’ve been through hard times in life but now I’d say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. My life is complete, I have a family that is healthy and happy, love my work and I’m grateful to work with something that we created.. I feel blessed in so many ways. Having said that, I’ve still been suffering from panic attacks.

Before I thought of depression and panic attacks as a sign of unhappiness and I always told myself I will never live a unhappy life, It will never happen to me. I thought only people who didn’t love what they do or couldn’t handle stress got depressed or suffered from panic attacks.

When we decided to go 100% all in on our own company and create my dream store, my panic attacks started. I was so passionate to create Petit, I lived for it, I worked in the new store day and night and I LOVED every minute of it.

Then one night, I woke up around 2am. I tossed and turned in our bed, had stomachaches and I couldn’t get comfortable. I went to the bathroom to see if I needed to go.. I sat on the toilet and my ears started to ring, cold sweats came over me and I didn’t know if I was going to shit myself, puke – or both at the same time. I felt like I was about to faint. I held on to the bathtub next to the toilet and started to feel my heart beating out of my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. My face and feet started to numb and it felt like a thousand needles going over my face. I tried to scream for Gunnar, who was sleeping in our bed, but I couldn’t get enough strength in my voice.. it was like I was whispering even though I really tried hard to scream. After what felt like 20min I was able to get myself into our bedroom and I just collapsed on the floor, Gunnar woke up and saw that something was not right. I told him that I thought I was having a heart attack. Lucky me Gunnar studied psychology and he saw the sign of a panic attack, he slowly started to talk me thought my breathing and got me to slow down my breath and after a while I fell a sleep from exhaustion. For the next two days after I was mentally tired. I didn’t understand how this could happen to me, I Love what I do and I am happy! So why is my body reacting this way?

I had three more attacks within the next weeks and Gunnar was always there to help me out of them before they got as bad as the first time. I started to get afraid that this would affect my personality and my ability to work and create, I was afraid to lose my passion. I spoke to two psychologists who both said the same thing, which is that the most passionate people are often the ones that crash if they are not careful. They are the ones that push them self’s too far when their body tells them to stop and that if I didn’t change my ways now I could end in deep depression that could change my life forever. I needed to take these signs seriously and take a step back. Basically, step out of work and focus on something completely else, start yoga, sit and think of nothing.

Now it has been over 6 months since my attacks and we’ve put in extra staff  in the store and I’ve stepped back from much work. I’ve been trying to focus on myself more and think of other things than work. I am just trying to be more balanced now than before. For me it is important to share my story, life here on the blog can look like a fairy tale and I want to share some moments of hard times as well as the easy and happy times.





Give your child self-esteem

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Self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves. If you have a good self-esteem you value yourself highly. It’s about how you feel by being who you are. Good self-esteem is the knowledge that you are lovable, important, capable and unique.

Studies have shown that children as early perceive themselves as good and important individuals often grow up with a stronger belief in themselves. They have less need to impress and get confirmation from others to feel good. They often have a better relationship with other people, better to handle peer pressure and more likely to say no to drugs, or self-destructive behaviors. The well able to deal with life, feelings and decisions come from a foundation of strong self-esteem.

A child with good self-esteem:

easily find new friends
take responsibility
be proud of their achievements
control his temper
be creative
take on new tasks and challenges
manage both positive and negative emotions
help others without personal gain.

A child with low self-esteem:

avoid trying new things
blame others for their own failures
be easily influenced by others
be less able to develop their talents and endowments
– f
ind it difficult to handle normal frustrations
saying things such as: “I will fail” or  “I know I can’t”

One of your most important tasks as a parent is to help your children to get a good sense of them self’s. You and your partner are their first and most important teachers. It is not very difficult to help strengthen the child’s self-esteem. The fact is that most parents do it without even thinking about it. But we are not perfect and we all make mistakes. Therefore it is a good to read the list below and try to remember how we can help our children.

Show your children daily, in both words and affection, that you love them. Children need to feel that they are worthy to be loved. When they feel accepted, respected and loved by the most important people in their lives, they also feel comfortable, safe and secure with others. Children who are confident are less afraid to try new things and make mistakes. Tell the child that you love it no matter what it says or does – love is unconditional. Clapping, hug and cuddle your children often.

Attention & Respect
Give the child attention and spend time with it. You would probably also wonder about your own value if your partner or your colleagues ignored you. Talk with your child and listen to your child when they are talking, show them respect on their options. Interest yourself for the child’s needs and desires (even if you can not meet them). Do not say that you are busy all the time, put your phone down and look at your child when they play.

Be a good role model
Do not talk bad about yourself or others in front of your children. Do not indulge the self-destructive behavior as abuse of alcohol, smoking, drugs or overeating. Be upbeat and positive :)

Let your child feel important
Children feel important if they can help at home. Let your children help out, that also means that you trust them. Give the child tasks it can handle and don’t forget to give enrichment when the task is done.

Let the child be unique
Try not to compare the child with siblings, friends or yourself as a child. Dim the competition down. Focus on what the child is instead of what it isn’t. Also avoid comments like “You are more beautiful than all the others,” or “you draw much better than all your friends.” It can be difficult to live up to such a glorified image of themselves. And those who truly believe it can become unbearably arrogant.

Be consistent
If one day you tell your child to sit at the table when eating, you can not allow the next day to sit at the couch and eat. It is confusing for the child. Life in routine helps children grow in confidence, do the same tings every day, sit at the same places around the kitchen table etc. To know what is expected and what is allowed inspires confidence and safety.
These are the points I am trying to remind myself and Gunnar about as much as possible when it comes to our daughter. In today’s world we have a easy accesses to compare yourself with each other, much via social media, it is extra important for our generation that we raise children with good self-esteem to not get sucked into this constant comparing and self destructive world we are in now. Our children should love themselves for how they are and they should feel that different is good, they do not need to fit into any frames only their own.

Equally respected

My Thoughts

I wanted to bring up a subject that is close to my heart and a situation I to often find myself in, unfortunately.

I have been hard working since the age of fourteen, I started working in a pizzeria serving pizza and kebabs to 4am every weekend and at the age of 23 I was the communication/marketing manger at a big car firm in Sweden representing Volvo Cars.  I was never handed anything, I learned that everything is earned by hard work and dedication.

When I got my fist career job at Volvo many raised an eyebrow, I also later sat in the board of the customer service and I was far the youngest to attend the board ever. I had to earn my respect and my voice was not heard in the meetings, it took me many months to get my opinions heard.  Also the car industry is very dominated by men so being a young girl in this business was very tough and I needed to have more “skin on my nose” than I wanted to.

I am now older and been in many business situations dealing and trading with all kinds of people, I got good at reading the different types of personality’s going in to a meeting. BUT even years of experience I still, from time to time get treated by (and I am said to say this) middle age men as I have no idea what I am doing or talking about. I often been put down by men, even men that I buy huge amounts of products from, they treat and say things to me that they would never say to a man in my position. This is something that I experience way to often and instead of sending my husband next time because they would probably treat him with more respect I still continue to go until my respect is earned. Said to write about and I know women been talking about this issue for years, it is the same issue with different head lines, the underline is just the same – treat me with equal respect!

I am writing about this subject now because I had a situation not to long ago where a man in business blew of some steam on me, just because I was a easy target. This man would never have talked to me in that way had I been a man in the same position, sadly. Little did he know I own the company his company is dealing with and after this coincidence we will deal very little with them. I wont continue to “feed” anyone that feels that they can talk down to other people, this is his lesson to learn. All people should be traded equality and with respect by each other no matter age, position or genre.






We do what we can

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Do you think the situation in the Mediterranean feels hopeless? Is it too scary to think about, do you scroll by the images on your Facebook page because they make you feel like shit and you don’t know what you can do?
I’ve been feeling guilty, I’ve been having nightmares, the image of the little drowned boy has been haunting me. I cry when I think of him and I get frustrated when our daughter doesn’t want to eat her food. If she only knew (!) but then again I am so happy she doesn’t know. I’ve had the feeling of hopelessness, what can I do? What can my family do?
I desperately donated a couple of hundred Swedish kronor to feel better, I made the donation through the red-cross home page. But still I felt that I could do more and I wanted to know that whatever I helped with would end up with the ones who needed it.
People die in the Mediterranean, but people survive too. Thousands every day, many people end up in Europe shaken, tired, scared and wet. They come with nothing, to places where nothing exists and they also need help. We decided to donate our own produced moccasins to the children in the refugee camps. We needed to find a organization that was willing to take them with them there and make sure that they are handed out to the children that are in need of a pair of shoes or socks. They will at least keep some little feet warm and protected.  We have now been in contact with the Swedish organization “Vi gör vad vi kan” which means “we do what we can”, they are going to the refugee camps in Lesbos the 17th of September and they will take our moccasins to the children there.
Today I’ve been packing the moccasins and labelling them with size. I’ve been crying on and off, for example when I held a pair of moccasins and thought that in a couple of days a little child will be wearing them, a child that has probably witnessed hell on earth. A child that can’t help where it was born.  It does feel good to help, but I know my actions aren’t going to resolve the situation, of course I want to do more but this is what I can do now. 112 pairs to 112 children. I hope they’ll make someone smile, if only for a moment, in all this misery.
How can you help?
–>  You can donate money HERE
–>  You can buy a BOB Reykjavik tee shirt and they will donate one warm carpet for every tee shirt sold that goes the the refugee camps, they are very much in need of that as the Autumn is coming and it gets very cold there too.
–> you can join redcross iceland and help in their organization.
Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 14.54.36
Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 15.38.47

Together we can all make a BIG difference!

Please do something, anything. No donation is too small.



pure happiness

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I am so Thankful for where I am today in my life.

We all carry a backpack of history and my life haven’t always been smooth sailing, my parents divorced when I was 10y and they both remarried and divorced again. I have a step parent that never excepted me, treated me poorly and abusively. I fled my hometown to New York as soon as I got legal and there I choose to live a fast and shallow life. Because of history I never once thought I was going to end up with my own beautiful family, and in the most peaceful place on earth, Iceland.

My family means the world to me and to also be able to let our child grow up in Iceland is a blessing. I talk to so many Icelandic people that dream of leaving Iceland and move to Stockholm or any other big city and they all ask me the same question, “Why Don’t you live in Stockholm?!” like Iceland is the last place on earth to live in.

To have a child in Stockholm, New York or any other city in the world would never be as safe, healthy and natural as having your child growing up in Iceland. The water in Iceland is the purest in the world, the air is free from toxic and pollution and the crime rate the lowest. Then there are assholes everywhere in the world and you can only do your absolutely best to not let your child meet any, but if you look at the options you can control, Iceland have it.

Its not the external that matters, it is the internal and the pure happiness of your heart.


Business development

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I want to tell you the story about our third child – Petit

Petit came to life about 2,5 years ago when we found out that we where going to have a little baby,  and as so many parents we started to think about everything we needed to buy for the baby. I was asking the people I know with kids what brands are best etc. All my friends with children live in Sweden so they naturally told me about brands and products that are very popular in Sweden, that was when Petit really came to life. We couldn’t find any of the brands or products we wanted here in Iceland and to order from Sweden and have sent here cost way too much for us. With me super pregnant we decided to open a online store with some of the brands we wanted to see in Iceland. At the same time I worked for Kex Hostel as a receptionist and we just wanted to try and see if this would be something that other Icelanders would be interested in.

Lucky us, there were more people who also had a great interest in the brands we introduced and some of the products that have never been on the Icelandic market before. After a year in business we also started to produce our own moccasins label, The Petit Moccasin made of 100% leather. It was a big step for us and we had to produce a minimum of 300 pairs, that was the first real “risk” we took with this company. It was a little bit like a cliff hanger for us, we were still very small and only online witch was not a big market one year ago. Lucky again our moccasins got very welcomed and many kids have been taking their first steps in them :)

We had Petit as a online store for more than two years before we decided to try to open a physical store, it has been very challenging to have our own store in many different aspects. When you have your own business that is the living income for your family it can cause a lot of stress and the biggest challenge is to try to keep our store as unique as possible. The Icelandic market is very competitive and other businesses are really looking into what were doing, not even being shy about it. We really try to have a open mind and not look into what others are doing in their concept just sticking to our concept, taste and original ideas. I also try to support many other small business with unique concepts like Biumbium, Snuran, Hurra Reykjavik and AndreaByAndrea. I would love to see more small businesses and concept stores in Iceland, I think it feeds the soul of this country and makes shopping more fun. Imagine if you have 20 stores and they all sell similar things? That is just not fun shopping, more unique stores with their own trade mark, please :)

One more thing about businesses in Iceland is the import taxes, you all know that it is so many taxes and fees put on everything that gets imported to this country it almost ruins all small businesses right away. IF the import tax of 15% would be taken out or the VAT for clothing would be lowered, Icelandic businesses would be able to offer better prices and Icelanders would hopefully start to buy more within their own country. That would mean more cash flow in the country and more businesses would grow and help the economy of this country. It’s simple math. Because I am in the children’s business I notice automatically what children are wearing and using daily, something that has been fascinating me is that SO many children are wearing H&M, without even having a H&M store in the country. That says alot! Icelanders are just hording H&M when they go abroad and probably buy 3 sizes up for each kid. No wonder H&M doesn’t open a store in Iceland, they already own the market!

I am sure they know about it to, big corporations like H&M have statistics on everything and have probably looked into Iceland many times thinking if they should open a store here. Well why would they put out all that money when they have this market for free? Maybe Iceland would get their first H&M store if they completely stopped shopping H&M abroad ;)


Well this post got a little deeper than I first intended it to be, it is just my thoughts and experience on business, have an open mind and stay positive <3




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