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Wake up America

It is exactly eight years (on the day) that I moved home from living in New York for over two […]

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Loving my new color from Essie – Sand Tropez. The perfect autumn/winter color. I also want to point out that […]

Panic Attacks

Life can be so unpredictable.. I’ve been through hard times in life but now I’d say that I’m the happiest […]

Give your child self-esteem

Self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves. If you have a good self-esteem you value yourself highly. It’s about […]

Equally respected

I wanted to bring up a subject that is close to my heart and a situation I to often find […]

We do what we can

Do you think the situation in the Mediterranean feels hopeless? Is it too scary to think about, do you scroll […]

pure happiness

I am so Thankful for where I am today in my life. We all carry a backpack of history and […]

Business development

I want to tell you the story about our third child – Petit Petit came to life about 2,5 years […]