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It is exactly eight years (on the day) that I moved home from living in New York for over two years. I had a seven year visa and my home trip was going to be a short visit for the holidays, then I meet Gunnar and I decided to stay in Sweden with him. I am convinced that if I didn’t meet Gunnar that winter I would probably still be in the US and maybe even have a family there, I am so happy that I am in Iceland and that I have my family here. I can not imagine how these news would make me feel if I had children and were an immigrant in the US today..

The only positive thing is that there is hopefully a light in the end of this, the light is called “Millennials”


Do you see how Nice this looks ?!

This is the result if just “Millennials” (people born after 1982) could vote. The FUTURE looks better. The elderly, especially older men, are doing their last in the world right now. Brexit, SD (Swedish Democrats / Swedish racist party) and Trump, their era is on the way out … the future will come, without them! Our generation has the greatest impact on our children’s future and we must again learn from humanity’s mistakes, we will be able to create the future of our children and it will be light.


Pray for America, and all of us really






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  1. Gréta

    9. November 2016

    On point my friend – first thing I heard when I woke up, makes me sad and angry at the same time…