Retail therapy


The pregnancy and weather really got to me this last week and I needed 5min of retail therapy to get my shine on again. Dropped by Andrea at Húrra and bought a wool beanie, but I wanted to buy soo much more in the store. Now we are 26weeks in this pregnancy and my feet are a little swollen and my belly is getting quite heavy, I cant imagine how big I will be by the end ?

Fell in love with these!

On my wish list at Hurra, at least the beanie is mine and after the twins are out I will treat myself.




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  1. RR

    8. November 2016

    I think you need the sjors know :) Adidas boost are the best!! :)

    • Linnea

      8. November 2016

      I was so close to buying them, but I am not in my normal shoe size at the moment ;) My feet are so swollen bc of the pregnancy.

      • RR

        9. November 2016

        hahaha… sjors? :) ..shoes!!!! :)

        ok, than you should maybe wait… :)

  2. AM

    10. November 2016

    Ok I have searching like a CRAZY LADY for a bag and yours looks amazing.
    May I ask where you got it?

    Love your blog by the way! I’m pregnant too and you are serving the best outfit inspirations <3


    • Linnea

      12. November 2016

      Thank you <3 <3 I will try to be better at the preggo outfit posts, there are only few good days when I feel like taking a picture ;) My bag is from Calvin Kline, Love it. They used to sell them in GK but I got mine in the Calvin Kline store in Amsterdam.