Detox week – GLO juice pack


Last week I started my new health diet to get faster in shape. Our little boys are now six month’s old and we finally have a day routine so now I feel like the time has come for me to start focusing on getting back to my normal shape. At the moment I am 5kg over where I want to be but only 2kg heavier than what I was when I got pregnant.

This week I am testing to only drink cold pressed juices. In co operation with GLO I got to try their Juice packs for one week, starting today. GLOs Juice pack contains six juices, hindberja smoothie, gulrótar safi, grænn safi, rauðrófu safi, grænn smoothie and túrmerik safi.

I have measured myself and I will continue with my normal exercise, that is walking at least 30min a day and running 3 times a week for 25min.

A week from now you will get a new post from me with results ;)

The GLO Dagur juice pack costs 3.990kr and is available to order on



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Video: Easter Cake


I always loved to bake and latley I have been taking my cake baking to the next level. For does that follow me on Instagram have probably already noticed it.  I am also extremely restless as a person and need to have a project at my hands all the time. Baking is a way for me to express my creativity, trying out different flavors, shapes and decoration styles is so much fun and therapeutic.

Today we are going to Gunnars family cabin and I made a Easter Cake to bring with us.

Cupcake Sunday


My yummy chocolate cupcake recipe..


For 12 normal size cupcakes.


  • 4 st eggs
  • 2 dl sugar
  • 1 dl flour (hveiti)
  • 1 dl potato flour (kartoffelmel)
  • 1 tsk baking powder (matarsódi)
  • 2 msk cacao powder (kakóduft)
  1. Turn on oven to 175c upper/lower or fan. Then prepare the cupcake paper molds, make sure to the paper molds is in a cupcake baking mold holder (this was hard to explain) otherwise they will not have a nice shape and most likely leak out all over your oven. The paper molds I use in the pictures is from
  2. Sift flour, potato flour, cacao powder and baking powder in a bowl. Preheat the eggs and sugar in a pot, just so they get finger warm and the sugar is melted, pour into a bowl and whisk white and fluffy with an electric mixer.
  3. Sift in little by little of the flour mixture into the whipped egg mixture and stir gently with a spoon until smooth. You want to have it super fluffy still but well mixed.
  4. Pour the mixture into the cupcake molds (fill a little less than half of each mold) and bake in the middle of oven for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Take out and Let them cool down completely.



  • 300g butter (smör)
  • 5 msk cacao powder (kakóduft)
  • 5 dl icing sugar (flórsykur)
  • 2 tsk vanilla sugar (vanillusykur)
  • 4 msk syrup (síróp)
  1. Whisk the butter fluffy with an electric mixer (about 5min). Then add the rest of the ingredients exp the syrup. Use a spoon at first to blend it all together and then whisk again with the electric mixer and add the syrup.

Make sure the cupcakes (cake bottoms) are not warm at all. Then I make/dig a hole in the middle of all of the cake bottoms with a small teaspoon or knife, make sure to not go too deep, the hole is to put in some delicious cream in.

Then place 1/3 of the chocolate cream in a spritzer cone with a spoon and cut a whole at the end of the cone, fill up your cake bottoms (in the wholes we made) with the chocolate cream.

and here comes the fun part, take a new spritzer cone and select what type of shape you want your cupcakes to have, I did the classic cupcake look with a star shaped spritzer.

Then you can store your cupcakes in the cooler for 2-3 days.


Let me know if you try my recipe and how you liked it :)

Happy Baking!


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Homemade Chocolate Eggs


I got invited to a chocolate Easter egg class and got completely hooked on the idea that I should make my family Easter eggs this year. I thought it would be a fun tradition with the kids and we can stuff our eggs with candy that we like and write little love notes to each other ;)

I made 4 types of eggs: one with just milk chocolate, one caramel with light milk chocolate, one licorice milk chocolate and one just 70% dark chocolate.

I bought the molds from Allt í Köku about 1000kr/stk.

Then I melted the chocolate in hot water bath. I never let the water completely boil, just heating up close to boiling.

Dont forget to put in a love note ?

In Þóra Lóas egg I placed healthy candy and a toy, I think all the chocolate that the egg is made out of is enough for her.

Then it is nice to create some decorations to put on the egg.

For the liquorice egg I used dracula puder.

And put in the mold before pouring in the chocolate.

This the finished Liquorice chocolate egg ?

And the plain milk chocolate egg.

And Þóras caramel chocolate egg with eatable glitter spray ;)

The I wrapped all the eggs and we will store them cool in our pantry until Easter.

This was super fun and I will most likely make more very soon :)



VIDEO: My Autumn Bread


I am so into my sourdough baking that I have now started to experiment a little, made this autumn bread with dates and walnuts and it turned out really tasty.




I did a short “to do” video of the preparation of the dough. Then it goes in the refrigerator over night and then I added the dates and walnuts the morning after and baked the bread for 1 hour.

You need:

2 dl sourdough base
6 dl finger warm water
1 tablespoon salt
0.5 dl of dark bread syrup
10 dl white flour
4 dl
rue flour
0.5 dl walnuts (cut lightly)
0.5 dl dates (cut lightly)
How to:
1. Whisk water, salt, syrup, and your sourdough base with half of the amount of white flour to a smooth mix in a minute. Then add the 4 dl of rue flour, mix and last the remaining white flour and mix well. Cover with plastic film over the bowl and place in the fridge overnight, at least 10 hours.
In the morning. Heat the oven to 220c with a iron pot inside so the pot will get hot.  Take out the dough put it on a floured table and beat in the dates and walnuts, make sure it is mixed well. When the oven is at 220c place the dough right into the hot iron pot and dust over a layer of flour on the surface. Take a razor blade and cut some pattern in the dough. Place in the oven with the lid on for about 45-55 minutes until the bread has plenty of color. Let cool down and then it is ready to eat!!


My homemade sourdough bread


For a while I have been thinking of baking my own sourdough bread but it has always been pushed aside because of little time. Now I have stopped working physically in our store and have more time to be at home and “look after” a sourdough base so finally I was able to complete the base and test baking my own sourdough bread.

It takes sometime to get started and you need to make a “living” base to bake the bread on.

Here is how I made my  sourdough base, the recipe is from my moms cookbook.

Day 1.
Pour about 1 dl finger warm water in a thoroughly cleaned container, I used a glass jar.  Instead of using detergent, you can set the jar in a warm oven for a few minutes to get all bacteria out.
Add 1 dl of white flour. Stir with a fork until you get an almost smooth mix. Water and flour, the amount doesn’t need to be exact, the important thing is that you end up with a consistency similar to a thick pancake mix.
Keep the sourdough base at room temperature with the lid open so that air bacteria reaches the mix.
Day 2.
Hopefully there are some bubbles in the mix and you can sense a mild scent. Don’t worry if the mix has not yet started to bubble, the process can take one to two days depending on the room temperature and the type of flour that you have used.
Add 1 dl of finger warm water, 0.5 dl rye flour (“rúgmjöl”) and 0.5 dl white flour and stir with a fork. Store at room temperature with the lid slightly open and, if possible, with an upside-down bowl on top of the jar.
ay 3.
Add 1 dl of finger warm water, 0.5 dl rye flour and 0.5 dl of white flour.
Mix well with a fork and store at room temperature with the lid a little open.
ay 4.
Now your base is hopefully ready to bake with! For every day that you feed your sourdough, it takes less time for it to start to bubble. A healthy and mature sourdough usually begins to bubble 2-3 hours after feeding.
Try to wiggle the jar gently so you will notice that it almost moves by itself. There is life in there and you can now begin to bake sourdough bread with it.
Do not forget to feed your sourdough base a day before you bake with it and don’t feed it immediately after you have baked with it unless you plan to bake with it the next day, otherwise it is best to wait a day in between.

Here you can see the tiny bubbles in my sourdough base.

Now how you bake with your sourdough base to make the perfect sourdough bread!

You need:

2 dl sourdough base
6 dl finger warm water
1 tablespoon salt
0.5 dl of dark bread syrup
10 dl white flour
( you can also add rue flour 4dl and 6dl of white flour, it is also possible to add walnuts in the dough for more taste)
How to:
1. Whisk water, salt, syrup, and your sourdough base with half of the amount of flour to a smooth mix in a minute. Then add the remaining flour and knead by hand a quickie so it just blended. Cover with plastic film over the bowl and sit at room temperature for 1 hour.
Put the dough in a clean bench and pull out the dough and throw it in the bench a few times, quite hard ;) If you want you can add the walnuts and then stretch out the dough a few times so all the ingredients are mixed well. Shape into a round ball, dust with flour and place the dough in a bowl that is covered with a kitchen towel on the inside. On with a lid and place in the fridge overnight, at least 8 hours.
In the morning. Heat the oven to 220c with a iron pot inside so the pot will get hot. When the oven is at 220c turn the dough right into the hot iron pot and dust over a layer of flour on the surface. Take a razor blade and cut some pattern in the dough. Place in the oven with the lid on for about 45-55 minutes until the bread has plenty of color. Let cool down and then it is ready to eat!!


Feel free to ask if you have any questions :) I was super happy with my first bread and I will continue to try new types of sourdough bread in the future.



Oven Roasted Chicken



I wanted to share last nights dinner – Oven Roasted Chicken

This was my first time cooking one whole chicken in the oven and like always I love improvising, not really knowing what I am getting myself into and then see if it is a failure or success. This time I succeeded and I am happy to share this prescription, it was yummy!


I took what we had available at home.

– one half sweet potato

– one potato (I would have used more if I had any)

– one yellow onion

– two hole garlics

– three carrots

– half of lemon

– fresh rosary

I started by cutting the potato’s, carrots, one garlic and the onion in dices. Turned them all in olive-oil and salt and spread them around the chicken in the oven form. Then I crushed the other garlic mixed it with butter, juice from the lemon and fresh rosemary in a bowl. Then I cut two holes in the skin of the chicken and spread the butter under the skin and rubbed on top of the skin as well. Do not peal the skin off just make small pockets so you can get some butter mix in and then also on top. Salt and pepper and the rest of the lemon sliced on top of the chicken, in with it all on 225c for 45min. When you think it is done, double check by cuting the meat and make sure the chicken meat is not pink, if it is place the chicken in the oven again for 10min.





Morfars Bullar


I want to share with you my grandfathers vanilla/cinnamon buns, these are dangerously good.



There is many secrets to these awesome buns and the first one is, real yeast no dry stuff in a bag. It has to be fresh. Thank god for Hagkaup and their “Pressuger”.  For the dough you need:

100g butter – roomtempature

1 dl sugar

1 big egg

1 cm x 1cm yeast – roomtempature

3,5 dl milk – roomtempature

10,5 dl white flour

It is important that everything that says “room temp”, really is. I normally take out the ingredients from the refrigerator an hour before I start to bake. Then mix all ingredients above in one large bowl, dont use a machine, use your hands. I know it is super sticky and it takes time but a machine will give the dough to much air and they will get dry. We don’t like dry buns, get physical.



When your dough looks something close to ours in the picture, place it in the bowl and let it stand in your zink with some water in the bottom of the zink. Just two cm of water, like a little water bath, finger warm water. And palace a tea towel on top of the bowl. Now this is the hardest part, let the dough raise for more than 2 hours, best 3. I think this part is hard because I love to make the buns and I am so impatience.


When the dough has an hour left I prepare the filling:

175 g of room temperature butter

2 msk of cinnamon

2,5 dl sugar

2 tsk vanilla sugar (not drops)

and a pinch of sea salt.

Mix all in a bowl and let it wait for the dough.


When the dough is ready, roll it out to a rectangle on a flour based table. Spread your cinnamon butter/sugar on one half of your dough. Then fold one short side to middle of the rectangle and the other short side over the folded one. So the dough now  has three layers. This is hard to understand in writing, I hope you can see it by the picture underneath.


When it is folded take your roll and roll a little extra on top to get eventual air out. Just nice and easy, don’t press the roll to hard. Now comes the magic part, to make the perfect bun rolls. Because these buns will taste like haven but they also need to look like haven ;)


When the bun rolls are placed on a baking plate with baking paper, place a tea towel over them and let them raise for another 2 hours. Then they are ready to go in the middle of the oven on 200c for only 10min, not more. As soon you take them out powder them with flour sugar.


Enjoy !!







Detox week


Been meaning to go on a detox cleanse since the beginning of January to really boost myself with my 12 weeks training program before bikini season starts again ;)  As always when something is a little extra demanding and not really prioritized my me, I intended to wait it out until last minute. Tomorrow I am going into my 3rd week of my training program and next week we are going to Copenhagen and fashion week.

Today I have been prepping all snacks and small meals, we have also ordered Paleo (caveman diet) dinners from Eldum Rett starting tomorrow.

dextox 12596890_10156578925425226_895878334_o 12632905_10156578925385226_468958630_o 12633316_10156578925325226_1792220809_o 12633340_10156578925515226_1224322718_o

My mother is a nutritionist and it is her healthy energy bars I make, they are made from chia seeds, nuts and dried cranberry’s. I also made two types of boosts, one “liquid salad” and one regular berry boost. Then I roasted nuts and  made fruit bowls as snacks.




Foodtips and tricks

Lately life has been quite hectic for me. I am a person that wants to do it all, and at the same time and with perfect performance. That’s not really realistic though and I haven’t had time to cook proper fun dinner in a long time. I just love to prepp dinner and I’m always trying new fun recipes but I haven’t had the imagination or time to think about what we should have for dinner.

I had a colleague that gave me the tip to try “Eldum rett”, three dinners a week, half prepped food with recipes. Today was the first time we tried it and I was so pleasantly suprised! I went to Kopavogur and picked up one box, there where three recipes, two meat and one fish. All the ingredients were top quality and the meat from Icelandic farmers, Exactly what I want to eat. I also thought the recipes were inspiring and fun to cook, all ingredients were included and even seasoning mixes. I really recommend to try this if you feel like there is not enough time in the day to plan a good dinner but you still want to feed your family good and healthy food.

I am just very happy to share this bc I really liked it and will enjoy more dinners from Eldumrett.


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Happy Wife, Happy Life