My homemade sourdough bread


For a while I have been thinking of baking my own sourdough bread but it has always been pushed aside because of little time. Now I have stopped working physically in our store and have more time to be at home and “look after” a sourdough base so finally I was able to complete the base and test baking my own sourdough bread.

It takes sometime to get started and you need to make a “living” base to bake the bread on.

Here is how I made my  sourdough base, the recipe is from my moms cookbook.

Day 1.
Pour about 1 dl finger warm water in a thoroughly cleaned container, I used a glass jar.  Instead of using detergent, you can set the jar in a warm oven for a few minutes to get all bacteria out.
Add 1 dl of white flour. Stir with a fork until you get an almost smooth mix. Water and flour, the amount doesn’t need to be exact, the important thing is that you end up with a consistency similar to a thick pancake mix.
Keep the sourdough base at room temperature with the lid open so that air bacteria reaches the mix.
Day 2.
Hopefully there are some bubbles in the mix and you can sense a mild scent. Don’t worry if the mix has not yet started to bubble, the process can take one to two days depending on the room temperature and the type of flour that you have used.
Add 1 dl of finger warm water, 0.5 dl rye flour (“rúgmjöl”) and 0.5 dl white flour and stir with a fork. Store at room temperature with the lid slightly open and, if possible, with an upside-down bowl on top of the jar.
ay 3.
Add 1 dl of finger warm water, 0.5 dl rye flour and 0.5 dl of white flour.
Mix well with a fork and store at room temperature with the lid a little open.
ay 4.
Now your base is hopefully ready to bake with! For every day that you feed your sourdough, it takes less time for it to start to bubble. A healthy and mature sourdough usually begins to bubble 2-3 hours after feeding.
Try to wiggle the jar gently so you will notice that it almost moves by itself. There is life in there and you can now begin to bake sourdough bread with it.
Do not forget to feed your sourdough base a day before you bake with it and don’t feed it immediately after you have baked with it unless you plan to bake with it the next day, otherwise it is best to wait a day in between.

Here you can see the tiny bubbles in my sourdough base.

Now how you bake with your sourdough base to make the perfect sourdough bread!

You need:

2 dl sourdough base
6 dl finger warm water
1 tablespoon salt
0.5 dl of dark bread syrup
10 dl white flour
( you can also add rue flour 4dl and 6dl of white flour, it is also possible to add walnuts in the dough for more taste)
How to:
1. Whisk water, salt, syrup, and your sourdough base with half of the amount of flour to a smooth mix in a minute. Then add the remaining flour and knead by hand a quickie so it just blended. Cover with plastic film over the bowl and sit at room temperature for 1 hour.
Put the dough in a clean bench and pull out the dough and throw it in the bench a few times, quite hard ;) If you want you can add the walnuts and then stretch out the dough a few times so all the ingredients are mixed well. Shape into a round ball, dust with flour and place the dough in a bowl that is covered with a kitchen towel on the inside. On with a lid and place in the fridge overnight, at least 8 hours.
In the morning. Heat the oven to 220c with a iron pot inside so the pot will get hot. When the oven is at 220c turn the dough right into the hot iron pot and dust over a layer of flour on the surface. Take a razor blade and cut some pattern in the dough. Place in the oven with the lid on for about 45-55 minutes until the bread has plenty of color. Let cool down and then it is ready to eat!!


Feel free to ask if you have any questions :) I was super happy with my first bread and I will continue to try new types of sourdough bread in the future.



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  1. Herdís

    19. October 2016

    Namm..looks nice. How do you keep the base alive to use for later. Do you keep feeding it every day?? or can you just let it sit until you want to use it again?

    • Linnea

      19. October 2016

      It was super good, better than I expected for my first bake ;) I feed the base the day after, 1dl finger-warm water and 1dl white flour, mix with a fork. Now it is just sitting with the lid closed until next time I need to bake ;)

  2. Svart á Hvítu

    19. October 2016

    I killed my sour base in few weeks… I think it has something to do with that I also kill all my plants haha
    But I loooove sourdough bread x

  3. Helga

    20. October 2016

    Det faktiskt finns att köpa nu i Sverige i ICA, mataffären, färdiga surdegs bas så att man kan baka direkt :)

    • Linnea

      21. October 2016

      Sverige är fantastiskt 😄 kändes som det tog evigheter att få surdegs basen klar att baka på 😅

  4. Halla

    21. October 2016

    Yndislega fallegt brauð.

    • Linnea

      21. October 2016

      Takk Fyrir <3