Detox week – GLO juice pack


Last week I started my new health diet to get faster in shape. Our little boys are now six month’s old and we finally have a day routine so now I feel like the time has come for me to start focusing on getting back to my normal shape. At the moment I am 5kg over where I want to be but only 2kg heavier than what I was when I got pregnant.

This week I am testing to only drink cold pressed juices. In co operation with GLO I got to try their Juice packs for one week, starting today. GLOs Juice pack contains six juices, hindberja smoothie, gulrótar safi, grænn safi, rauðrófu safi, grænn smoothie and túrmerik safi.

I have measured myself and I will continue with my normal exercise, that is walking at least 30min a day and running 3 times a week for 25min.

A week from now you will get a new post from me with results ;)

The GLO Dagur juice pack costs 3.990kr and is available to order on



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Detox week


Been meaning to go on a detox cleanse since the beginning of January to really boost myself with my 12 weeks training program before bikini season starts again ;)  As always when something is a little extra demanding and not really prioritized my me, I intended to wait it out until last minute. Tomorrow I am going into my 3rd week of my training program and next week we are going to Copenhagen and fashion week.

Today I have been prepping all snacks and small meals, we have also ordered Paleo (caveman diet) dinners from Eldum Rett starting tomorrow.

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My mother is a nutritionist and it is her healthy energy bars I make, they are made from chia seeds, nuts and dried cranberry’s. I also made two types of boosts, one “liquid salad” and one regular berry boost. Then I roasted nuts and  made fruit bowls as snacks.



My time


I have started a 12 week training program that I completely Love.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and follow a exact work out plan for everyday, it is about 30min hard workout and then I power walk. After one and a half week I already feel stronger and have much more energy. Being able to go the the gym is something I haven’t done in years, for me it is a privilege to have some alone time and only focus on myself.

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