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I have started a 12 week training program that I completely Love.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and follow a exact work out plan for everyday, it is about 30min hard workout and then I power walk. After one and a half week I already feel stronger and have much more energy. Being able to go the the gym is something I haven’t done in years, for me it is a privilege to have some alone time and only focus on myself.

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  1. Anna

    29. April 2015

    Følelsen etterpå er så god, kommer til å bli så sterk!
    Utrolig fin jakke du har på!

    • Linnea

      29. April 2015

      Tack Anna, vi kommer bli super starka :D Nya jacka, bomber style ;)

  2. Anna

    30. April 2015

    Love your bomber jacket! May I ask you where you bought it? :)

    • Linnea

      30. April 2015

      Hi Anna,
      I got the jacket at Lindex Kids section ;D
      Been looking for a nice one for sooo long and when I saw this one I could help myself, only 5990!

  3. Dagný

    4. May 2015

    Hvaða prógramm ertu að nota :)