Nails today


Got me some new nail polish and I found the perfect nude with some extra glimmer on top 🎶

The nude polish is named “spin the bottle” & glimmer “set in stones” both from Essie.

New In: IKEA PS lamp


Fell in love with this lamp when it first came out but then we where just about to move so I wanted to wait and see if it would fit in our new home. Then when I visited IKEA last week this beauty was on sale, I needed to get it before they where completely out of IKEAs product line. 

iittala Summer Table


For me setting the table before that one special dinner is just as important as the food being served, a good dinner experience needs to look and taste good. I love table wear, I never seem to get tired of buying me new ones. 

I visited the iittala store in Kringlan today and picked out the perfect dinner set. Smoked gray and clear glass mix 🙌 

We enjoyed a beautiful evening grilling on our balcony with this perfect dinner wear ☀

Baby Memories


I bought this beautiful letter board to have on the wall in the boys new room. I decided to write their birth numbers on it and now Þóra also want a letter board in pink in her new room ?

Letter Board & Baby’s first book both from Design Letters

I am really trying to write down every process the boys makes in the thier Baby book. I wasn’t sure to have one for the both of them or one for each, but then I decided to only have one bc it was one pregnancy etc.

Here is Viðar with the two month old card – Elvar was sleeping so I will snap a pic of him with the card later.




Second hand Shopping vol.1

New HouseShopping

I am looking for vintage midcentry modern interior for the new house, the house was built in late 1960 and we want to mix modern and 60s. It is a bit of a challenge to find the perfect pieces, I try to go as often as I can to second hand stores to not miss anything that could come in. So far Ive found some really nice items that I know will look perfect in the new house ?

This old brass pendant lamp will be in our guest bath by the main entrance. The bathroom is small and narrow and will be painted in a dark shade so I think brass will look good in there.

My new LOVE – I was so happy when I found this beauty for only 4.500kr.

All of a sudden round mirrors are hard to find, this used IKEA mirror only cost me 1.200kr and it is in good condition.

I could buy 100 candle holders every time I visit a second hand shop. These are from a old menu collection and will look good anywhere.


Do you know of any second hand stores that are good close to RVK?



New In: Moses basket


When Þóra Lóa was newborn we had a old Moses basket for her that she slept in the first months. I really loved it and it was so practical to move around our apartment, now we have a new one for the boys that is much stronger and with a rocking stand. I recommend the Moses basket 100% instead of the classic bassinet because the basket can be taken out and put on the couch or table if needed.

img_4186 img_4175 img_4153 img_4214

You can read more about the Moses Basket and stand Here.



Retail therapy


The pregnancy and weather really got to me this last week and I needed 5min of retail therapy to get my shine on again. Dropped by Andrea at Húrra and bought a wool beanie, but I wanted to buy soo much more in the store. Now we are 26weeks in this pregnancy and my feet are a little swollen and my belly is getting quite heavy, I cant imagine how big I will be by the end ?

Fell in love with these!

On my wish list at Hurra, at least the beanie is mine and after the twins are out I will treat myself.




(This is not a sponsored post)




Petit´s MID SEASON SALE started today !!

This is Petit´s biggest Sale ever with great deals on really nice brands like Nike, Tinycottons, Färg & Form, Mini Rodini, Zoe & Noe and much more.  You can see the full sale – HERE



For the Kids: Wool/Silk 


The weather these last couple of days has been so horrible that I just want to take our daughter out of kindergarten and keep her at home to cuddle with me. She does however love to go there and her teachers are so good and active with the kids, they’re almost outside playing every day no matter the weather. So for me it is nice to know that she is well dressed, and then I mean warm enough for the wind, rain and cold.

I am so happy that we are representing the classic Danish brand Joha in Petit. This is a brand that’s been around for decades, we have customers coming in the store saying that they used to have Joha when they where kids and are now buying it for their children. All the items we sell from Joha is ether made out of 100% merino wool or a wool/silk mix.

On cold days I dress our daughter in the wool/silk undergarments closest to her body and then a layer of 100% merino on top of it. She also uses the merino wool “lambhushetta” from Joha everyday no matter the weather.

I am so happy with this brand and warmly recommend it !

You can see all products – HERE