Elvar & Viðar 1 árs !!

Holly mac.. I feel like someone just stole a year from me ? Weren’t they just born?!

Julkortet 2017

This years Christmas card from us ? Hahaha I can’t tell you how much I laughed when I went over […]


Þóra Lóa have been asking for a Pirate team party for month’s, her birthday was in May but we promised […]

Garden pool ? 

We had some amazing summer days in the beginning of the week and in our garden it was almost unbearable […]

Baby Memories

I bought this beautiful letter board to have on the wall in the boys new room. I decided to write […]


Viðar & Elvar is now 10weeks old, they are smiling and finally sleeping longer during the night. They are so […]

Baby Bee

Burt’s Bees send me their Baby Bee collection to try on the boy’s, I have used their products before and […]

Life with twins

I haven’t had much time to update you guys on our new arrivals and new life. Today our boys Elvar […]

New In: Moses basket

When Þóra Lóa was newborn we had a old Moses basket for her that she slept in the first months. […]

Our Nursery Corner

Trying to be ready for our boy’s arrival at this point they can choose to come any day.. I hope […]