Baby Bee


Burt’s Bees send me their Baby Bee collection to try on the boy’s, I have used their products before and love the honey smell  ?

I only accept to try products that I know is good, I would not write about a brand and recommend something that I cant stand behind. The Burt’s Bees baby collection is all natural and free from parabens and more strong chemicals that I always make sure is not in the products I use for myself and specially for my children.

I would have taken before and after pictures of Elvars bottom when we tried the 2-in-1 diaper cream, but I felt it was to much to post close ups of his little bottom online. The cream is really good ? It is a cream but drys as a powder, perfect for diaper rash and under his double cheek.

I am also eager to test their E vitamin cream for their faces on cold days, it is also good for calming a diaper rash.

Now it is also 25% Off all Burt’s Bees baby products at Lyf og Heilsa until the end of the month ?



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  1. Erla

    21. March 2017

    Beautiful picture of you bathing your son, he seem so relaxed ! :)
    I am curious about your products, wich one would you use outdoors on cold days?
    I have a five year old with dry cheecks and the fine vains are starting to be damaged…