Jul vol.4 – Jóladagatal

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Last night I finally finished Toras Christmas calendar. This is a tradition I had as a child and everyday before school I got one little gift from my Christmas calendar. I know here you have the Icelandic Jólasveinar and the shoe in the window tradition and this one is very similar to that, one little gift a day but for the whole of December. Now this will sound crazy but we couldn’t decide on what tradition to have for Tora so we have both.. yes I know it is way too much for a little 2 year old but to ease your worries over how much we spoil our kid she only gets very small things and sometimes just a gingerbread cookie or crayons and paper. It’s nothing of much value, just small stuff to keep the traditions from both sides. I’m just hoping she doesn’t wake up to a potato in her shoe some day.

Gunnar and the Jólasveinar take care of the shoe and I take care of the Christmas calendar. Gunnar also takes care of eating the skyr, meat and whatnot that we leave for santa by the shoe ;)

juldagtal7I love the brown paper and the “traditional” look of gifts.


juldagtal3juldagtal5Our Christmas calendar is from Bloomingville, available HERE.


The “stamp” is from TGR.

God Jul,