Life with twins


I haven’t had much time to update you guys on our new arrivals and new life.

Today our boys Elvar & Viðar are 3weeks old and time is just flying by. Getting twins is more wonderful than I could ever imagine, it is amazing to have two little babies to cuddle and love. It really is double the happiness!  So far it hasn’t been hard at all, I am of course super lucky to have Gunnar home full time with me. But I can tell you that I haven’t really slept anything yet and I am sure it will be some more weeks before I feel well rested again. The boys drink every 2,5 to 3rd hour and in between they burp, poop and hopefully sleep some. We have had nights when they are not ‘timed together’ and that can get really tough. One wakes up and when you finally get him down and you start to think about sleep – BAM, next one’s up! This vicious cycle then repeats itself through the night.  We had to learn the hard way that they need to be timed, waking up the sleeping baby is essential when the other is wake. Big sister Þóra Lóa is a dream, I am waiting for her to react to the big change and us always having a baby in our arms but so far she is just loving the situation and loving her little brothers.



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    • Linnea

      28. February 2017

      <3 <3

  1. Lára

    27. February 2017

    So beautiful !! I love the picture you are breastfeeding them both at the same time :)

    • Linnea

      28. February 2017

      Thank you <3

  2. Krista

    9. March 2017

    Vá Linnea, these are so beautiful! You are one rich lady and a superwoman! Breastfeeding two at a time.. high five! xx

  3. Sigrún Arna

    10. March 2017

    Nobody is better for this than you and Gunnar! You are one of the strongest and most hard working person i know! Lov you;)