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I want to share with you my grandfathers vanilla/cinnamon buns, these are dangerously good.



There is many secrets to these awesome buns and the first one is, real yeast no dry stuff in a bag. It has to be fresh. Thank god for Hagkaup and their “Pressuger”.  For the dough you need:

100g butter – roomtempature

1 dl sugar

1 big egg

1 cm x 1cm yeast – roomtempature

3,5 dl milk – roomtempature

10,5 dl white flour

It is important that everything that says “room temp”, really is. I normally take out the ingredients from the refrigerator an hour before I start to bake. Then mix all ingredients above in one large bowl, dont use a machine, use your hands. I know it is super sticky and it takes time but a machine will give the dough to much air and they will get dry. We don’t like dry buns, get physical.



When your dough looks something close to ours in the picture, place it in the bowl and let it stand in your zink with some water in the bottom of the zink. Just two cm of water, like a little water bath, finger warm water. And palace a tea towel on top of the bowl. Now this is the hardest part, let the dough raise for more than 2 hours, best 3. I think this part is hard because I love to make the buns and I am so impatience.


When the dough has an hour left I prepare the filling:

175 g of room temperature butter

2 msk of cinnamon

2,5 dl sugar

2 tsk vanilla sugar (not drops)

and a pinch of sea salt.

Mix all in a bowl and let it wait for the dough.


When the dough is ready, roll it out to a rectangle on a flour based table. Spread your cinnamon butter/sugar on one half of your dough. Then fold one short side to middle of the rectangle and the other short side over the folded one. So the dough now  has three layers. This is hard to understand in writing, I hope you can see it by the picture underneath.


When it is folded take your roll and roll a little extra on top to get eventual air out. Just nice and easy, don’t press the roll to hard. Now comes the magic part, to make the perfect bun rolls. Because these buns will taste like haven but they also need to look like haven ;)

[vimeo 157060322 w=500 h=281]


When the bun rolls are placed on a baking plate with baking paper, place a tea towel over them and let them raise for another 2 hours. Then they are ready to go in the middle of the oven on 200c for only 10min, not more. As soon you take them out powder them with flour sugar.


Enjoy !!







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4 Skilaboð

  1. Anna

    29. February 2016

    De ser helt, helt fantastisk gode ut! Jeg kommer gjerne på prøvesmaking:)

  2. sigga

    2. March 2016

    if you don’t have fresh ”pressuger” is it not possible to make those? look delicious

    • Linnea

      2. March 2016

      I have never tried to be honest :) But try and see how they turn out, it think it would be fine <3