Oven Roasted Chicken



I wanted to share last nights dinner – Oven Roasted Chicken

This was my first time cooking one whole chicken in the oven and like always I love improvising, not really knowing what I am getting myself into and then see if it is a failure or success. This time I succeeded and I am happy to share this prescription, it was yummy!


I took what we had available at home.

– one half sweet potato

– one potato (I would have used more if I had any)

– one yellow onion

– two hole garlics

– three carrots

– half of lemon

– fresh rosary

I started by cutting the potato’s, carrots, one garlic and the onion in dices. Turned them all in olive-oil and salt and spread them around the chicken in the oven form. Then I crushed the other garlic mixed it with butter, juice from the lemon and fresh rosemary in a bowl. Then I cut two holes in the skin of the chicken and spread the butter under the skin and rubbed on top of the skin as well. Do not peal the skin off just make small pockets so you can get some butter mix in and then also on top. Salt and pepper and the rest of the lemon sliced on top of the chicken, in with it all on 225c for 45min. When you think it is done, double check by cuting the meat and make sure the chicken meat is not pink, if it is place the chicken in the oven again for 10min.





Pot head

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