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I am so Thankful for where I am today in my life.

We all carry a backpack of history and my life haven’t always been smooth sailing, my parents divorced when I was 10y and they both remarried and divorced again. I have a step parent that never excepted me, treated me poorly and abusively. I fled my hometown to New York as soon as I got legal and there I choose to live a fast and shallow life. Because of history I never once thought I was going to end up with my own beautiful family, and in the most peaceful place on earth, Iceland.

My family means the world to me and to also be able to let our child grow up in Iceland is a blessing. I talk to so many Icelandic people that dream of leaving Iceland and move to Stockholm or any other big city and they all ask me the same question, “Why Don’t you live in Stockholm?!” like Iceland is the last place on earth to live in.

To have a child in Stockholm, New York or any other city in the world would never be as safe, healthy and natural as having your child growing up in Iceland. The water in Iceland is the purest in the world, the air is free from toxic and pollution and the crime rate the lowest. Then there are assholes everywhere in the world and you can only do your absolutely best to not let your child meet any, but if you look at the options you can control, Iceland have it.

Its not the external that matters, it is the internal and the pure happiness of your heart.



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  1. Kusin Anna

    3. August 2015

    Åh Linnéa vad fint skrivet och vilken insikt du har. Jag unnar dig verkligen denna lycka… Härligt att du har funnit ro! All kärlek till dig och din familj <3

  2. Elísabet Gunnars

    4. August 2015


  3. Þura

    5. August 2015