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Loving my new color from Essie – Sand Tropez. The perfect autumn/winter color.

I also want to point out that most of my posts are not sponsored posts. I recently heard a known Icelandic speaker talk to a big crowd of women that all life style bloggers only write about things they get for free and that these women should not believe what the bloggers blog about, it is all pure commercial. That what they see in the blogs the bloggers have not picked out or paid for themselves. As I was standing among the women in the crowd I started to look around for reactions and there where many that head nodded and agreed to this statement. I felt offended in some ways, I bought almost everything I am writing about and I enjoy taking pictures and write about products and things in life that I think is beautiful. I wanted to make this clear so readers here don’t think that everything I write about is a commercial for a company, I promise to make it clear the day I get a product for free and not ;)



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  1. Elísabet Gunnars

    20. September 2016

    Älska nude färgen !!
    Och bra att beretta på den sätten Linnea. Heja heja <3

  2. Nina

    21. September 2016

    What´s the name of the light-pink color next to it? Also pretty :)

    • Linnea

      22. September 2016

      Hi Nina, it is a base coat from Essie. I think it is called – grow strong 😘

      • Nina

        22. September 2016

        Takk :)

  3. Anna

    21. September 2016

    As a reader it can be very difficult to not get suspicous when bloggers write posts like these, for example:



    You don’t write if this was written in collaboration with these companies, if you got any of their products for free or if you just read about them somewhere, found it interesting and decided to blog about it. And why should I as a reader assume you did NOT get something out of it?

    The majority of posts on Trendnet have links to shops where you can buy products, interviews or pictures of designers/store owner. As a reader I get very confused and since you guys never write if these posts are a collaboration of some sorts, if you are getting paid – either in products or money. Since I don’t get any information I assume everything is a sponsored blogpost and why wouldn’t I?

    Posts like these where you write about how absurd it would be if you did get things for free are simply stupid since many bloggers do acknowledge that they get things for free, then why wouldn’t you?

    If you want people to know that you didn’t get anything for free you really do have to write it out, that is if you are writing about products or any kind of service. The only Icelandic blogger I’ve seen do that is Thorunn Ivars and Erna Hrund when she was still blogging. These bloggers have in return much more credibility than those who don’t write it out.

    I really wish there was something like Vägledning om marknadsföring i bloggar och andra sociala medier as Konsumentverket has here in Sweden. – If you guys would follow some kind of guidlines like these I’m certain that your readers would have more faith in what you wrote and not just discard every other blog post as an advertisement.

    • Linnea

      22. September 2016

      Tack Anna, this is my point and the posts you are referring to above is not in collaboration. As mentioned I will write out in the post when a post is sponsored, maybe I should also write when it is not ☺
      I share links of products so the readers can find them, that is often very appreciate and I can understand how some feel then that the post can be in collaboration with the company. I know in Sweden they are very strict and it is good because some bloggers has it as their business and make good money on it so they need to pay taxes like everyone else. But I do agree with you that it should be clear in every post.
      My post was a reaction to the womens speech and I felt down graded for my work that I put into the blog, I do it for the fun of it and not to get everything for free. My blog is not a commercial ad and I am happy to except collaboration with brands I would have bought myself but not everything I write about and everything you see in pictures is free things, that was what the women made it sound like and that caused my reaction.
      I appreciate that you took your time to write a comment and explain what things look like as a reader 😘