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I wanted to bring up a subject that is close to my heart and a situation I to often find myself in, unfortunately.

I have been hard working since the age of fourteen, I started working in a pizzeria serving pizza and kebabs to 4am every weekend and at the age of 23 I was the communication/marketing manger at a big car firm in Sweden representing Volvo Cars.  I was never handed anything, I learned that everything is earned by hard work and dedication.

When I got my fist career job at Volvo many raised an eyebrow, I also later sat in the board of the customer service and I was far the youngest to attend the board ever. I had to earn my respect and my voice was not heard in the meetings, it took me many months to get my opinions heard.  Also the car industry is very dominated by men so being a young girl in this business was very tough and I needed to have more “skin on my nose” than I wanted to.

I am now older and been in many business situations dealing and trading with all kinds of people, I got good at reading the different types of personality’s going in to a meeting. BUT even years of experience I still, from time to time get treated by (and I am said to say this) middle age men as I have no idea what I am doing or talking about. I often been put down by men, even men that I buy huge amounts of products from, they treat and say things to me that they would never say to a man in my position. This is something that I experience way to often and instead of sending my husband next time because they would probably treat him with more respect I still continue to go until my respect is earned. Said to write about and I know women been talking about this issue for years, it is the same issue with different head lines, the underline is just the same – treat me with equal respect!

I am writing about this subject now because I had a situation not to long ago where a man in business blew of some steam on me, just because I was a easy target. This man would never have talked to me in that way had I been a man in the same position, sadly. Little did he know I own the company his company is dealing with and after this coincidence we will deal very little with them. I wont continue to “feed” anyone that feels that they can talk down to other people, this is his lesson to learn. All people should be traded equality and with respect by each other no matter age, position or genre.






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  1. Heiðrún

    15. December 2015

    “You would not call yourself a feminist by any means” ? Then I would say this post is quite contradicting. Feminist is someone who wants to establish and achieve equal rights to men and women? How can a women not be a feminist when the world obviously, like you point out very well in your post has not reached its goals in achieving equal perspectives in all aspects of life regardless of gender.

    • Linnea

      20. December 2015

      Hi Heiðrún, I had not read up on the full meaning of Feminism and yes after reading up I should defiantly call myself a feminist (!) because I believe we should all be treated equal in all situations. Thank you for your comment and you are very right <3

  2. Gréta

    15. December 2015

    You are a Powerhouse woman and please by all means call yourself a feminist – you think we deserve equal opportunities!! ❤️

    • Linnea

      20. December 2015

      Thank you Gréta, I guess I should be called Feminist then ;)

  3. Helga

    16. December 2015

    Feminism : the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
    How can you not call yourself a feminist?

    • Linnea

      20. December 2015

      You are right Helga, just as Greta, I should call myself a Feminist, because I believe men and women should be tarted equal in all situations <3 Thank you