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This is what I normally use everyday.

Under my eyes I first use hydrating eye primer and then high definition concealer, both from Smashbox. As a base for the rest of my face I use Lancome Miracle Air de Teint, a super light foundation that is super easy to apply, Cant live without it! I finish off with a light transparent powder and Smashbox contour kit or  Wonder powder from MakeUpStore also contouring. My blush is by Lancome and it is long lasting blush that stays all day. My favorite mascara now is Stay Long by Clarins, it has a little serum in it so my eyelashes stays long. When I stop using it I can see that my lashes gets smaller. A Very addictive mascara ;)

My day cream and cleansing are both from Skyn Iceland, these are also products I cant be without. In the summer I use a lighter day cream and as for now in the winter my face gets very dry so I use Arctic Hydrating Balm in my whole face and under eye hydrating pen under and around my eyes. As cleanse I use Glacial Face Wash witch lasts me very long and it soo good.



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