DIY: Kids fashion knitted crown

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One trend this Autumn/Winter is knitted crown headbands for kiddos.

I am not good at knitting but my mother in law is a expert and she made one for Tora. I believe everyone in Iceland knows someone that is a knitting expert so I wanted to share this DIY so you can also have one for your kid this Autumn ;)korona1

I had to take the pattern file down, but I am sure you can make it without the pattern ;)

Have fun!



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  1. Björk

    27. July 2015

    I would be careful in sharing this pattern on your website, it is illegal to scan it and share it online.

    • Linnea

      27. July 2015

      I should have thought about that :) Thank you for the heads up!

  2. Brynja

    31. July 2015

    Hi Linnea,

    In what magazine did you find the pattern ?
    Would like to know so I can go out ant get the pattern for my self and my daughter :)