My secret to no stretch marks

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Stretch marks are very common and mostly hormonal, some people get them easy and others don’t. I have stretch marks on my thighs that I got when I was a teenager, so I know that I can get stretch marks easy. Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, they are the proud marks of motherhood and carrying a child. But to be honest, I would choose to not have any if I could. With carrying twins I am now taking extra care of my skin because my skin on the belly will be stretched out to its maximum by the end of the pregnancy. Now I am in week 34 and when my midwife measured my belly she said it is the size of a pregnancy with one child in week 45. Even if I get stretch marks that is very likely, I want to make sure I did everything I could and that I keep them moisturized so they wont get too deep and red.

This is what I do,

1. Drink a lot of water, I drink at least 3L a day.

2. Eat natural fats like avocado, cocoa butter,almonds, coconut oil and Hemp-seed oil.

3. Do not scratch my belly, as soon I feel my itchy belly try to not scratch and instead add moisturizer. I use Weleda stretch mark oil.

4. Try to oil my belly 2-3times a day.

5. Take my vitamins and most of all Omega3 / Lysi.

Everyday I put Weleda – Stretch Mark Massage Oil on my belly and boobs & I drink one spoon of Cold pressed Hemp-seed oil to keep my skin moisturized from the inside and outside. I also take Lysi/Omega3. I have bad eczema and now when I am good with my oils the eczema is totally gone, so it really shows how well the skin absorb all the oils.

I am in week 34 with our Twins. But my belly is as big as women carrying one child in week 45.



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  1. Ásrún Ágústs

    30. December 2016

    You look stunnig! Twins are the best, best of luck ❤️

    • Linnea

      30. December 2016

      Thank You ! It warms my heart so much, do you have twins? How was the first year ;) I am excited and SUPER nervous at the same time, it feels so overwhelming having two

  2. Svart á Hvítu

    30. December 2016

    Once again, -seriously Linnea! You look amazing…. Cant wait to hear the news:):)

    • Linnea

      30. December 2016

      Thank you so Much <3 I don't feel so fab now but I think I am doing good for being so far into the pregnancy as I am now :) I am guessing we will meet the boys in 2-3weeks ;)