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About 4months ago my old phone stopped working, when I couldn’t turn my phone on anymore I panicked, all the pictures of Þóra is in the phone and I still haven’t printed them or saved them somewhere else. It was pictures from when she was born, when she started to walk, eat etc. My most valuable memories. Thank goodness the phone store was able to restore all my images and we got them on a usb stick, but after this experience I am very careful to always print all my phone images regular, bc there are so many memories I only have in my phone.

I was happy to find this app – Lalalab

Now I only go to the app and select what images I want to print and in what format and send them. It is super easy and they arrive after a week just in my post. I think the price is good and the quality of the pictures comes out great.

I recommend this 100% !

Now I only need to find a nice album or book to put in all our memories ?



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3 Skilaboð

  1. Hólmfríður

    8. December 2016

    Can I ask what the total cost was? :)

    • Linnea

      9. December 2016

      I do not remember exactly but it was somewhere around 40euro for 100 pictures :)

  2. Edda

    15. December 2016

    Can i ask how much you paid for shipping ? :)