New in: White Couch


I am in nesting mood and finishing our home on step at the time before the twins arrival. We always wanted a big cosy couch to crawl up in and I know maybe white is not the most practical choose when expecting twin boys but IKEA sells covers for the couch and it is washable so we took a chance on having a white couch ;)



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  1. Áslaug Þorgeirs.

    20. January 2017

    I’m guessing that the wheelchair trip to IKEA was a huge success haha! ??

    • Linnea

      20. January 2017

      Hahaha Yees ;)

  2. Kara

    8. July 2017

    Is the colour called ‘finnsta white’? :)

    • Linnea

      14. July 2017

      Hi Kara, I am not sure but I believe it is ?