Time to Go..


It is now time to face the music and be honest to myself and you readers at Trendnet that I haven’t been as active as I wished to be. Now I need to place more of my focus on my family, myself and our business. Therefore I have decided to call it quits as a Trendnet blogger.

It has been some really good years and I’m happy to have shared some of my adventures with you. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my thoughts and look at my photos ❤

You can always continue to follow me on instagram – Lahle where I will still share moments of my life.

I will continue to read all the great blogs here on Trendnet and I’m really excited about the fantastic new people that are starting to blog here. But this is where my wonderful Trendnet journey ends.

Fashion week - Copenhagen

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  1. Mia

    15. February 2018

    Åh vad synd men jag förstår att tiden inte räcker till.
    Det har varit roligt att följa dig och din lilla familj.
    Lycka till med allt! ♥