No time for Christmas


This time every year is a crazy rollercoaster and I am just trying to hold on and not fall out. Running a business and having small children is more than enough, on top of that it’s Christmas and everything I want to do to prepare and fix is just not possible. So many people ask me where I find time to do so many things at once and I seriously don’t, I walk around with dirty hair and no make up 90% of December. I am using every little minute of the day to get something done, for our business or my children. Feels like I am complaining but I normally crash on the 24th, I know it’s not a healthy lifestyle but I do love my work and this is the best and hardest time each year ??

Every November I tell myself this year will be different, I will be well prepared and complete all gifts, decorations, card’s etc in good time.. well.. Here I am again, last minute madness ?

And also, I have been useless on blogging because I have prioritized it last and my standards of how I want my post to look is too much work at the moment. So I guess what I’m getting at is that I am sorry for few updates and I will put less pressure on myself and how I want a post to be presented, and just post small things more often instead. 

But now I need to contunie to put in new product’s on Petit.is ??

New Petit ✨ Ármuli 23

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  1. Helgi Omars

    15. December 2017

    Knuuuuusss!!! x

  2. sigridurr

    15. December 2017

    Christmas is not all about the gifts, the decorations, Christmas cards & food & more for me, it’s about spending time with my family specially after I moved to Denmark, all I do is miss my friends & family!❤️ So the only thing I really want this Christmas is to see my family & have a nice time with them❤️Have a wonderful time with your family & be proud of your success, the new store is a m a z i n g!❤️

  3. Hilrag

    16. December 2017

    I’m so proud of you my friend!!