Monday Flower


Every Monday morning I go and buy fresh cut flowers for the store. It is the best way to start a new week. I always dream about having a flower store with unique flowers and beautiful arrangements but for now it will just be dream .


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    • Linnea

      27. April 2015

      Thx :D

  1. Soffia

    27. April 2015


    Helpful tip: If you make sure to remove the leaves, so that there are only “clean” stems in the water. The flowers will last a lot longer :)

    • Linnea

      27. April 2015

      Thank you will def do that :)

  2. beyonce

    27. April 2015

    where did you get the flowers? :) btw love your blog <3

    • Linnea

      27. April 2015

      Thank you, I will defiantly go there :D

  3. Andrea

    28. April 2015

    Welcome to my favorite blog Trendnnet