Lightbox Trend


I have had a light-box craving for sometime and been looking to buy one from Sweden but they where soo expensive to get to Iceland. After a long search I was super happy to find a distributor that had some super awesome light-boxes we could buy in for the store. After a long wait again we finally received them last week, I thought I had ordered plenty of them..well I was so wrong. They sold out in two days (!) I apparently haven’t been the only one spotting this light-box trend and now we have ordered a hole bunch of them and they are expected to arrive again in September  :D  Yayyy!!

This is the light-box Petit.is will have in stock again in September. It comes in two sizes A4 & A5 including 85 letter so you can have the light-box saying anything you like.


Here are inspiration of how light-boxes can be used at home. The most famous light-box brand is called BXXLGHT and they are sold in my all time favorite store in Sweden – Artilleriet.


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pure happiness

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  1. Eygló

    10. August 2015

    Hvaða verður verðið á þessu?

    • Linnea

      11. August 2015

      Hi Eygló, A4 costs 8990kr and A5 6990kr :)

      • Eygló

        11. August 2015

        Thank you:) Is it possible to get an email when they will be available?

        • Linnea

          11. August 2015

          Yes of course :D Just send your information to petit@petit.is ;)

  2. Íris

    11. August 2015

    Eigið þið til stærð A4?