– Breakfast Cravings –


Half way into this pregnancy and I am still quite picky on what I want to eat, at the moment I am hooked on Greek yogurt, honey and granola. I can seriously eat this 3 times a day not getting tired of it.

Greek yogurt is very “meaty” and it is enough to only have half glass for breakfast. I put some yogurt in the bottom and then a little honey and then yogurt again and top of with granola. The granola from Pauluns is so good! My mother is a nutrition coach and she used to practice with Fredrik Paulun the founder of the Pauluns products, so I know that this granola is full of nutrition and good for you.  



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  1. Sara

    22. September 2016

    Where do you get this granola? I’m always trying to find good granola that is not stuffed with sugar :)

    • Linnea

      22. September 2016

      I found it at Hagkaup and I also saw it at Ikea the other day 👌 It is really good and only natural sugar from dadlar etc. I think it costs around 700kr

  2. Anna Jonsdottir

    22. September 2016

    Same here :) When I was watching your snap I was eating greek jogurt with granola and drinking nespresso ;)
    I was the same at my pregnancy always eating greek jogurt and now still after birth!

    • Linnea

      22. September 2016

      That is so nice to hear <3 this is the breakfast that I def will continue with, also after when I am trying to lose all my pregnancy kg´s ;)

  3. diana

    22. September 2016

    nice! :)

    ps. can I ask you – Where did you get your Curaprox whitening toothpaste, as seen on your snapchat ;) ?

    best, Diana

    • Linnea

      22. September 2016

      The strangest tooth paste I have ever tried but I know their toothbrushes is the best so I thought this had to be good. I found it at Haukaup as well, haven’t tried it long enough to see some resolute but I am hopeful ;)