I did an interview with an online magazine called SA about my fav places in Barcelona, it has been translated to Bulgarian on the website but I thought it would be nice to share my answers in English (including links!) with you here also..  Hope you enjoy

x hilrag.


How long you’ve been living in Barcelona and what are you doing in here? Almost two years and I am taking a BA degree in Fashion Marketing & Communication at IED Barcelona. 

Which is the best season visit the city according to you? In my opinion spring is wonderful, because the sun is starting to shine but its not to hot. Perfect to explore the city. 

How will you describe the energy (atmosphere) of the city? Vibrant but at the same time relaxed. The is a lot happening but at the same time people here are very chilled, which I love. 

What about the local culture you like the most? The concept of siesta, I’ve never been living in a country where it is socially acceptable for grown ups to take a nap during the day. 

Which are your favourite F&D places here? 

Ikibana for fusion and sushi fine dining
Pura Vida for the best Moscow mule and amazing South American food
Cafe Tenderette for their in house mojitos
Sil’s cakes for delicious cakes and cookies
Cafe Tropico for amazing brunch
Parking Pizza – the best pizza in Barcelona
Rabipelao for south american street food and relaxed vibes. 

Which are your favourite places for a walk?  I love to hike to bunkers above Parc Güell, stroll along the beach and explore the Gothic area. 

What is trendy at the moment in the city? Since Barcelona is such a big city and with so many different styles there is sort of the concept of “everything goes” 

Which are the top three things anyone to do/try when visiting Barcelona for the first time? Visit Sagrada Familia (although is very touristy – its totally worth it.) Walk to Bunkers or Tibidabo. Sit at some placa and eat patatas bravas with a glass of sangria and watch the life in Barca. 

Final question – which is your most favourite thing to do here? Since I come from Iceland I find it amazing to live in a city where I have the beach so close to me! 


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