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As every other pregnant woman, I’m starting to think of everything we “need” for the arrival of our twins. I know my list is shit expensive and even more so when you need some of the products in double. Here is my wish list though – expensive at is may be (and is), I hope to find some or most of these products second hand to keep some savings on our account for the future ;)


1. Bugaboo Donkey Duo – This was the first material product I thought of when I know we where expecting twins. I honestly believe it is the best twin stroller on the market and as we had a bugaboo for Þóra Lóa, we are very familiar with the brand and quality. We did order one and we will get it in the end of October so I am really excited to see it and test it before the twins arrive. The perfect thing with bugaboo Donkey is that it is easy to pack small and it will “grow” with the kids so we can use it until they are 4 years old. Also it is possible to buy car seat adapters and have them both in their car seats on the stroller frame.

2. Sebra Krill Bed – This classic Danish bed has been on my mind forever. I read on a twin mom blog that it is great for twin because the first 1,5year the babies sleep together. The Sebra bed is much wider than normal beds and fits two small sleepers easily . So that was my excuse to use on Gunnar ;) I am now saving for one bed to start with and then later we will buy one more. Furthermore, the Sebra bed is known for its quality and longevity so reselling it when we are done using them should be easy.

3. Babynest Twin – We used a Babynest for Þóra and I Love this product! It made our life a little easier and I also believe she slept better and more secure because of the Babynest. I am really hopeful that the Twin Babynest will work as well on our twins and it did with Þóra. I think it is good to always have the same sleeping surroundings for the babies, that is why I love the Babynest then we can use the nest on the floor, in the bed, in their bed and to take it with us when traveling. Also the original Babynest that we sell in Petit is free from all harmful chemicals and they even use the same brand in the premature delivery care in Swedish hospitals.

4. Maxi Cosi Car seats – The main reason for choosing Maxi Cosi car seats over other brands is that they are adaptable to our Bugaboo Donkey stroller and that they are lighter to carry around. I can just image how it will be to always be carrying two car seats and we really wanted light and small car seats.

5. Maxi Cosi Footmuff – These babies will be born right around the new year and it will be soo cold that a footmuff for the car seat is essential to have.

6. Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn set – We already have one Tripp Tapp and I thought it would be nice to buy one more and also two Newborn sets to have the babies up at dinner table level when we all are eating or just when we are feeding them. I can also have them playing in the Newborn sets while I am working and still have them in eye level.



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  1. Tinna

    1. September 2016

    Love it <3

  2. Anna

    3. September 2016


  3. Ana

    4. September 2016

    Honestly if I were you I would not go for the bungaboo pram, it’s pricey and bulky. We went for the outnabout nipper double v4. It’s cheaper but very easy to handle, in the UK (where I live) the icandy one is quite popular but as a new twin mum who has done a lot of research I can warmly recommend the one I just mentioned, in my opinion it’s the very best on the market (which is why we bought it).

    • Linnea

      4. September 2016

      Hi Ana, Thank you for your help I will defiantly look into it and see if we can try one when we are in Sweden :)

  4. Palina Bjork

    12. September 2016

    Sebra is launching a new kili bed this fall which you should check out – improved safety standards and you can adjust its height… much improvement!

    • Linnea

      12. September 2016

      Hi Palina, We did look at it and we have ordered two beds arriving in November ;) Thank you

  5. Karen Emilsdóttir

    13. September 2016

    Congratulations on your twin pregnancy. By the way we love our Bugaboo Donkey for our twins

    • Linnea

      18. September 2016

      Thank you Karen <3 I am super exited to try the stroller! If you have any good twin tips I am all ears, it is always good to hear ppl trix and tips how they do things ;)