New Petit ✨ Ármuli 23


Three days ago we opened New, Bigger and Better Petit !!

It has been a month of hard work and full renovation. Today I am excused, extremely happy and thankful for all the support and love ?

Almost exactly two ago Petit moved into Suðurlandsbraut, here is the post I wrote then. Now we moved into a four times bigger space than what we had at Suðurlandsbraut. I hope I will be writing a new post in two years about Petit taking the next step, hopefully at that time not in Iceland  ;)

The outside of our new store when we received the house and the inside.

First we took the walls down in the middle if the space to make one big open space. Then we redid the old wood floor.

One huge sign on the side of the house.

Our custom designed interior ✨

When I designed them I did not think about the size and how we get them into the store ? We had to take out the door to get them in.

The new floor, white polished.

Then we started to build the rest of our interior. Here is the base for the front desk.

We also added new walls to close of our storage.

The back and storage area.

We also imported steel interior from Thailand.

Then we had a carpenter to custom made windows display.

Light’s beginning installed.

Everything getting in place.

Moving in..

The final big thing was the marble counter top from S Helgasson ?

After days and nights of hard work we where finally ready to open New Petit!


Welcome to Petit in Ármuli 23, open weekdays 10.00-18.00 and Saturdays 11.00-16.00 ?



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4 Skilaboð

  1. Helga

    26. November 2017

    Grattis med den fantastiska nya lokalen! Jätte fin :)

    • Linnea

      27. November 2017

      Tack fina ✨?

  2. Mia

    26. November 2017

    Grattis, lycka till!

    • Linnea

      27. November 2017

      Tack snälla Mia ✨?