Kitchen renovation ideas


In one week we will move in and then I will take on the kitchen renovation. I want to give the old kitchen a facelift and spay paint the fronts and lists, we will see if I can do it myself or find someone to help us so it turn out nice and even. This is how our kitchen looks now:

We haven’t dicited yet what color we want.. There are so many nice options. Here are some of my inspiration kitchens, which one do you like the most?

I really can’t decide but I do love the brown/beige/gray shade that is in the top kitchen, then there is more “safe” to go gray or white. At the moment I feel that our new house is almost all light gray so to find another shade for the kitchen would be nice. What do you think would fit? I take all tips on shades and styles ?




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  1. A

    23. May 2017

    Just be carefull not to have a light with fabric (even though they look good) in the kitchen since grease gets everywhere over time and it will most likely destroy those types of lights. Good luck with the renovations :)

  2. Mia

    23. May 2017

    Hej, det vita med lådor och handtag är fint.
    Det blir väldigt luftigt med enbart underskåp och ev hyllor om
    man inte behöver överskåp för förvaring.
    Vitt är ett säkert kort som man inte tröttnar på.

  3. Kusin Anna

    27. May 2017

    Jag gillar de 2 översta inspobilderna! Mer spännande!

  4. Alda

    14. June 2017

    The top picture, do you know where the kitchen is from?