JUL vol.1 – Ornament


Julen (Christmas in Swedish) is around the corner and I have started to decorate, both at home and in our store. My friends call me the Grinch of Christmas because I am very specific on how much and how I decorate. No plastic, no red lights and no polyester, with other words not a very American Christmas ;) I try to use as much natrual elements as possible but still get a Christmas atmosphere.

Here is a super simple DIY Christmas ornament I made for our store, the ornaments would also look nice in a Christmas tree.


I got pinecones from Hakaup and small white hooks with screws from Husasmidjan.


Then its just to screw in the hooks on top of the pinecones, very easy by hand.


I made a “spay box” and hanged the pine-cones on strings.


Spray away, in any color you like. Pretty obvious I would spay mine in white ;)


Then you have a really simple and beautiful ornament.



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2 Skilaboð

  1. María

    23. November 2015

    Very nice! Where did you buy the spray?

    • Linnea

      25. November 2015

      Also Husasmidjan ;)