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Yesterday Mbl/Smartland published the interview they did with me regarding our new house and what we have done so far.  I personally felt that it was a little to early bc we are not done with all rooms, but I think they did a nice interview and the outcome looked good :)

Living room painted in my color named “Linnea Sand” from Nordsjö/Serefni.

Display cabinet with my great grandmothers porslin.

Banana plant and pot both from Blomaval.

Our twin boys bedroom – Tent from Numero74/Petit.is

Their beds are from Sebra/Petit.is

G for Gunnarssynir

Þóra Lóas bedroom.

Our bedroom with night lamps from Bauhaus.

Carpet from Bloomingville.dk

Guest bath up stairs.


We are still renovating parts of our house as the kitchen and guest bedroom, I will show you the process as we are finishing :)



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Garden room - Before/After

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5 Skilaboð

  1. Hildur

    10. October 2017

    what colour is Þóra Lóas bedroom?

  2. G.

    13. October 2017

    Can I ask where your display cabinet is from?

    • Linnea

      29. October 2017

      The cabinet is from Hubish, a german company :)

  3. Lísa

    19. October 2017

    Will you share where you purchased the rug by Bloomingville? Did you order it, or does a store carry it in Reykjavik? Thank you!

    • Linnea

      29. October 2017

      I did order it from Denmark :)