For the Kids: Wool/Silk 


The weather these last couple of days has been so horrible that I just want to take our daughter out of kindergarten and keep her at home to cuddle with me. She does however love to go there and her teachers are so good and active with the kids, they’re almost outside playing every day no matter the weather. So for me it is nice to know that she is well dressed, and then I mean warm enough for the wind, rain and cold.

I am so happy that we are representing the classic Danish brand Joha in Petit. This is a brand that’s been around for decades, we have customers coming in the store saying that they used to have Joha when they where kids and are now buying it for their children. All the items we sell from Joha is ether made out of 100% merino wool or a wool/silk mix.

On cold days I dress our daughter in the wool/silk undergarments closest to her body and then a layer of 100% merino on top of it. She also uses the merino wool “lambhushetta” from Joha everyday no matter the weather.

I am so happy with this brand and warmly recommend it !

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