1. Eat breakfast before looking at your phone
  2. Simply sit and observe when travelling when commuting
  3. Watch a whole movie from beginning to end without distractions
  4. Listen to a whole music album all the way through
  5. Focus on the art of listening to others
  6. Write your next to do in a notebook instead of trying to finish them all at the same time
  7. Have a morning ritual
  8. Divide your task into a 20 minutes work sessions
  9. Declutter your workspace
  10. Detox from technology one day a week
  11. Check your emails at a certain times of the day
  12. Slow down your evening with a night ritual
  13. Keep one browser window open at time when you are online


 I’m really bad with some of these myself, I even struggled when writing this post. Too many tabs open, checking on flights, answering on Facebook, taking a picture of my lunch, thinking about the next blogpost and eating lunch at the same time…. instead of just writing this and then move on to the next task, so for me this is perfect reminder and hopefully for you guys.

H a p p y M o n d a y

x hilrag.

PS.Found these reminders here 


Skrifa Innlegg