Yours truly rambling on about her fav city in Glamour Iceland newest issue // Konur eru konum bestar t-shirt

Went with some friends to Burro on Friday. I had the tofu soft taco, veggie ceviche and fries. I’m always happy when the menu has proper veggie options, and all the courses were delish.

// Then our Elísabet & Gunni had their big 30 at Oddsson Reykjavik, super fun night!

On Saturday two of my childhood friends had christenings for their newborns and I went out for a dinner at Snaps with friends.

Sunday was family day… Brunch & chilling in the new hammock my dad bought (best buy ever!) then dinner at 3 Frakkar

I had such a lovely weekend, wouldn’t mind if they were all this luxurious! haha

Hope yours was lovely

x hilrag.


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